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Gray by Mourning @ Boomerangs

Longwood, Florida, USA

Longwood, Florida, USA

Gray by Mourning @ Omalley's Alley

Ocala, Florida, USA

Ocala, Florida, USA

Gray by Mourning @ T.D. Waterhouse

Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


The crossover of rap and metal has been a very successful and innovative hybrid in recent years and there is indeed something infectious about a driving funky rock/metal beat with a ranting rap over the top. In this regard, and in fact in all other regards, Florida based Gray by Mourning clearly know the sound they're going for and how to achieve it.

'Anatomy' starts off fairly lightly with clean suspended electric guitar chords leaving an air of expectation. From here the band waste no time in getting to the power which is essential in this style of music. The light suspended chords become hard and heavy. It's the sort of thing that's designed to send shivers down the spine when done right and Gray By Mourning certainly do it right.

After the intro the band launch into the first rap part of the song which has all the right elements of funk, heavy guitar and bass with the aforementioned driving beat propelling the band along. It's a great sound and it's difficult to avoid striking air guitar poses. The power and intensity which is at the heart of this style is superbly demonstrated by the band here.

Another important element in the rap/metal genre is the chorus which contrasts with the rap verse and lifts the music to another level. Although 'Anatomy' doesn't feature the soaring chorus of a Linkin Park song the band demonstrate a solid grasp of songwriting skills with a good melodic chorus which does the job well.

It's difficult to find any particular faults with this song or indeed with the band themselves. 'Anatomy' is an excellent example of its genre and Gray By Mourning are a band that knows their strengths and how best to use them. The musicianship is consistently excellent throughout as are the vocals while the twists and turns in the arrangement keep the song sounding interesting and fresh. Great stuff.

Nigel Cuff
Charisma: 8.50
Technical Skill: 9.00
Structure: 8.00
Interest: 9.00
Melody: 8.00
Performance: 9.00
Arrangement: 8.00
Recording Quality: 7.50
Long Term Appeal: 9.00

- Gods of


Three song demo.



Feeling a bit camera shy


July 1, 2003,
A brief history simply put.
Gray by Mourning was formed in January of 2003 in
Central Florida with J.V. (Saltwater, solo recording
artist producer) and Tom K.
Tom, who played locally in bands Peddler and
Carbon 14, recruited his former guitarist Cody Mac
(of Carbon14). Bassist Brian Huberdeau (of Zeal,
Carbon 14), was just recently added to the mix, and
solidified the lineup. Cody is an intense performer
as is Brian and are known for their great stage
presence and impeccable musicianship. Tom is a
veteran power drummer and always draws
attention to the riser while J.V. belts out the lyrics
that sink into the souls of the crowd.

You will find that the strong points of this team are
very intense. Their aggressive performance is
becoming known as "a force to be reckoned with."
Gray by Mourning's creative songwriting is
showcased in their self produced three
song promo CD, that is quickly becoming known as
"one of the best sounding CD's to come around in a long
time". Listen and you will agreeā€¦