Grayson Gilmour
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Grayson Gilmour

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand | INDIE

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand | INDIE
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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ABSTRACT ARRIVAL (2002, CD-Album) - Self-released

BEHIND LOCKED DOORS (2003/4, CD-Album) - Self-released

PHANTOM LIMBS (2005, CD-Album) - Self-released

YOU SLEEP, WE CREEP (2006/7, CD-Album) - Self-released

CHAPTERS (2008, CD - EP) - Self-released

NO CONSTELLATION (2010, CD, 12" - Album) - Flying Nun Records



So, perhaps we could tell a story about some kid who turns to music during their early teens in an effort to save themselves from the boredom of swampy small town New Zealand. A couple of albums later they pack their bags for the big smoke, chasing the dream.

Hailing from the murky swamp of Palmerston North, Grayson Gilmour began his solo recordings at age 16. Having released an album which received such a positive response Grayson was convinced to record a second and it all just snowballed from there.

For many, Grayson is better known as one quarter of New Zealand band So So Modern, and has spent the last years shifting between playing and recording with the band, and his own ‘bedroom/studio recluse’ projects. After moving to Wellington, he recorded and released Behind Locked Doors (2003/4) following some time spent playing lobby piano in Japanese hotels.

In 2005 he released his third album Phantom Limbs. The album was well received in New Zealand and Australia, so well in fact that Grayson had to say goodbye to his signature self assembled, burnt CDs and have the album re-mastered and pressed.

Close on the heels was You Sleep, We Creep (2006/7) an album that reflected the end of Grayson’s compositional and electro-acoustic studies with its vast textures, arrangements and electronic interludes. You Sleep, We Creep spread far and wide around the world, winning over ears alongside the seemingly endless international touring schedule of So So Modern.

During a break in early 2008, as a reaction to the complexities of ‘You Sleep, We Creep’ and the new-found nomadic touring lifestyle, Grayson turned acoustic to record and release a collection of songs from ‘02-’08 titled as the ‘Chapters’ EP.

In no more than a week after the release of ‘Chapters’ Grayson left the country for a third time to tour. Alongside a three month European festival tour Graysons songwriting remained a constant, and it was on the road that many of his next collection of songs was formed. Returning back to New Zealand in late 2008 the album was demo’d and gradually found its way into the studio by May 2009, come July the album would be finished and titled ‘No Constellation’.

However, the album would not be heard until May 2010, which was released through Flying Nun Records. Indeed much has changed since those first self-produced CDRs, with having Grayson also developed a full band live show, but the approach and attitude remains the same. So, where to from here…?

"Who else writes tunes as achingly beautiful as these? Not many people around here, that’s for sure!"

"…has a rare ability to recall events with such graphic detail, picking up different instruments to compose and depict life in its original environment. He makes places and characters come to life, breaking down the facade of modern pop music and presenting a more realistic approach to song writing that completely exposes itself to the listener." -EINSTEINMUSICJOURNAL.CO.NZ – Nick Fulton

"Gilmour's dulcet voice, often multitracked into swirling arrangements, make him sound like a man who knows the difference between the harmonies of the Beach Boys....and the Beatles. And that he knows how to use them to disarming effect.....(it's) an album that - is a clear contender for local record of the year." - NZ HERALD - Russell Baillie.