Grayson Manor

Grayson Manor


Grayson Manor is what rock is missing now...loud guitars, big drums, and a stage show that will blow your mind. With band members' ages from 18-26, you aren't watching some old guys trying to play rock n' roll, this is the real thing.


Grayson Manor formed in 2002 in Grayson, GA with the purpose of bringing back a REAL rock show and REAL rock n’ roll. The band members’ ages, 18-26, show in their high-energy performances, but they know their rock history: with influences including The Faces, Aerosmith, John Mellencamp, Guns N’ Roses, Bruce Springsteen, and the Rolling Stones, these guys are the real thing.

Grayson Manor has played hundreds of shows in the past couple of years, including 6 US tours, selling nearly 10,000 copies of their debut EP "Back on the Rock" in the process. Their first full-length album, "Children of the Manor", was produced by Robert Carranza (Beck, Jack Johnson, Ozomatli, The Mars Volta) and was released in Europe on Bad Reputation Records and in the U.S. on Grayson Records.
Currently, Grayson Manor is working on a new album with legendary producer Mike Clink (Guns N’ Roses, Bad Company, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Heart, Motley Crue) and has also released internet-only tracks produced by Rick Beato (Shinedown, Ingram Hill, Trey Anastasio, Vince Neil) to rave reviews.

Lead singer Brad Cox was the only unsigned singer to audition for the group Velvet Revolver, which garnered him international press. Grayson Manor was featured on Budweiser’s sponsored television show "True Music" for their SXSW performance. They have also been featured in numerous magazines around the world, including Classic Rock, Revolver, Metal Edge, and Rock Hard. Not only that, but they have received radio airplay in 35 states and in 5 other countries, not to mention countless internet radio plays and online press. Grayson Manor is the only proof that rock is still alive…come see for yourself!

Grayson Manor uses and proudly endorses:
Gibson Guitars
Marshall Amplification
Vox Amplification
AHEAD Drumsticks
SIT Strings
Monster Energy
Guitar Center

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Universal Records


"Back on the Rock" - EP
"Enemy" - Single (Radio Play)
"Enemy" - Hollywood Hairspray (Perris Records)
"Ragdoll" - Single (Radio Play)
"Blue Christmas" - The Glam That Stole Christmas (Perris Records)
"Blue Christmas" - Single (Radio Play)
"Children of the Manor" - LP (European Release with bonus tracks)
"Back on the Rock" - iTunes/Internet Release
"Children of the Manor" - iTunes/Internet Release
"Set You Free" - RaceTrack Rock (Versailles Records)

Set List

Long Way From Home
Ain't About You
Postcard From Nowhere
You To Believe In
To Be With You
Mamacita Pie
Where I Wanna Be
Stay With Me

Other songs:
All My Exes
I Can't Choke
American Man
Jersey Shore
Lonely At The Top
In My Skin
I've Been Tryin'
Ring On Your Finger
Somebody Like You
Live For Today
Maggie May
In Your Hands
Set You Free
Habitual Refugee
Sea Cruise
Something's Gotta Be Me
Rock N' Roll