Grayson Wray

Grayson Wray

BandRockClassic Rock

rock/pop/indie with variety and fun, guitars, keys and some strings, interesting arrangements, beautifull harmonies and very cool over all.


Grayson Wray's first solo album "Road to Paradise"has been getting world wide airplay on close to one hundred stations and as of this date, January 2004, is still being played. He has had heavy airplay on both college and internet stations and was in the Top 5 on Australian station KAOS. Grayson's new release "Picasso's Dream" is a great new album and should do even better.


"Great City" by Great City, "Earth Dreams" by Great City, "Road to Paradise" by Grayson Wray, "Picasso's Dream" by Grayson Wray, "Medevil Skyscrapper", 'Tales of Mystery and Loneliness", "Alternate Heavens", "Imaginary Episodes", " Butterfly Cannonball", " Lavender Skies"

Set List

ten songs 45 min.