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"Grayson Wray/Road to Paradise"

The music: Grayson makes us enjoy retro pop{you know, that great pop music made in the 60's}, although not all here is retro and not all is pop either... The music of Wray is painted with vivid colours, but mainly music "in green" music that sounds to fresh grass, but not all are "flowers", Grayson also offers mystery, emotion, introspection and a little magic, very varied; as said befor retro pop,you will also find influences from the 70's and 80's {in both fields, pop and rock} and some other things not so clear; there are surprises on every track, pay attention to the placid jazz influences of the last piece or the dark drama of "When you Cry"{the two tracks with female vocals by Angie Donkin};"1,2,3,4,5" is also a surprising track, with a violent and noisy rock{almost punk}, or the epic symphonic lo-fi arrangement of "Get me Off" ... all is always new with every track. The music is very rhythmic with powerfull rhythmic hooks.... you will find some electronic flirtations too.
A very recommended work of multicoloured retro pop with a very solid rhythmic hook. Global Grade:8,9/10
Review by Hector Noble Fernandez - Hector Noble Fernandez

"Grayson Wray/Road to Pardise"

Multi instrumentalist Grayson Wray puts together an album of retro pop with influences which probably include The Bealtes in a big way! Grayson's vocals are strong as he croons his way through this trip of pop culture which trancends decades and sounds at times like the 60's and 70's with a tender mix of the 80's pop scene too.
The songwriter at times seems a bit too retro, but the lyrics are strong glimpses into the heart and mind of Wray. He can surley play the instruments that flow a strange ease along tracks with the harmonies of Grayson and Angie Donkin, then all of a sudden we get thrown into the late 70's with "Destination Love" and "Anytime it gets too Slow" which have an eerie disco quality to them with a rock edge.
The players...Grayson Wray-Vocals, guitars, keyboards,programming,drums and bass, Angie Donkin vocals,Lorenzo Grassi guitars on "Or I will never Know", Matt Starr-drums on "Or I will never Know" and Karl Katterfield-string bass on "When you Cry".
......Individually the songs do hold up and give you a strange glimpse at an even stranger world.
Wray sure has the talent to produce good material, It would fit in well with some of the college play lists but will fall short of the "commercial" success which I am not sure Wray was shooting for anyway. I wil say this, if your into the retro thing with a bit of modern a/sarcasm thrown in, give "Road to Paradise" a try. You may be surprised at the grooves you find here.
{4 stars out of 6} -


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Feeling a bit camera shy


Grayson Wray's first solo album "Road to Paradise"has been getting world wide airplay on close to one hundred stations and as of this date, January 2004, is still being played. He has had heavy airplay on both college and internet stations and was in the Top 5 on Australian station KAOS. Grayson's new release "Picasso's Dream" is a great new album and should do even better.