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Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands | SELF

Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands | SELF
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Graze are a pop-rock band based in the Netherlands. While the music is primarily rock, the soulful voice of lead singer Liane Hoogeveen gives their music a whole new dimension. “Forgive Me” would be an average rock track but her voice gives it a passion that makes it work.

Luckily there is more to the band that just a strong lead singer. The compositions are put together well and take inspiration from other musical styles in a way that works, like the jazzy riff in “Hesitation”. The lyrics also have a refreshing honesty to them which comes across well with a female lead.

Graze are an exciting band with great potential, with styles harking back to big acts of the 80s and 90s like The Cure and Skunk Anansie, there is nothing else quite like them out there just now. - Sarah Howcutt

"UrbanMainstream magazine"

Graze is a hot band from the Netherlands that we decided to have back again. They are truly an exciting band you should check out. It's a pleasure getting a chance to be in contact with music lovers from around the world.

You get a chance to experience life through their eyes. I know many of you have not been to the Netherlands but if you've had a chance to experience a show in U.S. during Graze's visits here you would have been floored. Truly consistent artists. I look forward to a great deal of success with this band. We need more bands who are willing to go that extra mile to make not only good music but prove they are willing to get out of their comfort zone of their local town and hit the road and show us what their made of. -

"UrbanMainstream magazine"

It is always good to hear international artists. Rarely, have I screened bands from overseas that were garbage. Graze is hot... bottomline. They should be on your top list of indie bands to check out. Liane, who's the vocalist of the band is so strong with a soulful twist in her voice. I love it. Graze definitely is on our top list for Cover Page feature. -

"Grolsch Grand Prize of the Netherlands"

Hans Rutten comments: "The compositions are professional. The arrangements leave enough space to let the song breathe. Not a note too many. The band play together very tightly, which is a pleasure to listen to". Michiel Stavast stated Graze to be "a well lubricated machine with good musicians and good compositions, but not ranking very high on originality". Lastly, Mike B gave Graze bonuspoint for admissability. "Good songs with influences of alternative rock, solid yet poppy. Melancholic, without being theatrical or depressing. It's nice when experienced musicians really play together. Ready to be discovered by fans of Dutch rock phenomena such as Kane and Anouk. Poppy enough for the girls, heavy enough for the boys. Who will sign this band?". He complete his comments with: "Has Pinkpop (one of the biggest and by far the most legendary festival of the Netherlands) already booked an opening act for this year?". -

"Live XS Magazine"

According to the biography, four piece Graze plays 'simply good music'. That they're quite successful at that is proven by their second EP 'Hesitate', which contains four well crafted rock songs. From all influences that are named on the web site of the band, Skunk Anansie is the most obvious, but Graze is anything but a clone. Opening song Halleluyah is not quite it, but tracks such as Hesitation and Forgive me clearly show the hit potential of the music of Graze, that sounds convincing and can be listened to seamlessly between some of the big names in music. But they could be a bit more adventurous here and there and some details could get a bit more attention. The band is working hard on gaining popularity, who knows if their break through is at hand. - Live XS Magazine


DVD "Live in USA" (2007). Live Video registration of the Graze performance at Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati (OH). Mixed an Mastered by Erwin Musper.

EP "Hesitate" (2007). All tracks have airplay on several Netherlands radio stations and several international internet radio stations.

EP "Graze" (2006). "My Plate" and "Never doubt" have had airplay on several Dutch radio stations.



The four members of Graze have grew up in different parts of the world: USA, Canada, Italy and the Netherlands. Now based out of the Netherlands, the band puts their diversity and different backgrounds into their original pop-rock songs.

Their music is influenced by the atmosphere, the feeling and catchy melodies from the eighties with bands such as The Police, The Cure and U2. On the other side, the band is also inspired by the roughness, honesty and deepness of the music from the nineties, with acts such as Pearl Jam, Live and Skunk Anansie. Graze are melting their different personalities, backgrounds and influences into a unique sound of today. The personal lyrics and emotional vocals of Liane Hoogeveen render the music of Graze accessible for a wide audience, without compromising originality. Finished off with a typical Dutch flavour, Graze brings you original and catchy tunes with an edge, full of energy and straight from the heart.

The band has built a strong live reputation in the Netherlands area with their energetic live performances, attracting a wide audience. Graze have played many small and large venues, various festivals, performed live on a number of radio stations and recorded several demo CD's.

Since 2007, things have started to work out well for Graze. In March, Graze put out the mini-CD "Hesitate". It received positive reviews by a number of music web sites and magazines in the Netherlands, but also internationally. Furthermore, Graze has been picked up by a number of radio stations in the Netherlands, has shared stage with international touring bands such as "After Forever", has performed at the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati (OH), which was endorsed by producer Erwin Musper, has gotten a number of positive reviews in national and international music magazines and perfomed live on Dutch National Radio during the finals of a composition competition and in the popular show of DJ Giel Beelen. This year, Graze was nominated for an award at the Hollywood Music Awards on 20 November. The band is in the mean time starting to prepare a full length album recording which is due for 2009

Quotes from the Press:
“Graze are an exciting band with great potential, with styles harking back to big acts of the 80s and 90s like The Cure and Skunk Anansie, there is nothing else quite like them out there just now” (quote from the UK on line magazine

“Has Pinkpop booked an opening act for 2008 yet?” (Quote from the jury of the Grand Prize of the Netherlands, the main nationwide band competition).

“Graze is hot… bottom-line. They should be on your top list of indie bands to check out” (Quote from the US on line magazine, issue 26)