Grazgrove is an eclectic mix of midwestern-infused rock, with a progressive and improvisational style that's unique to the music scene today. This band produces lryics and music that is true to the human soul, but can also have as many interpretations as there are listeners.


Grazgrove initially started out in Manhattan, KS at Kansas State University...the evolution of a group of friends. The ties of this band date back roughly ten years. Very early on, these guys quickly realized that a common denominator in their friendships was a love for music.

In the early years, this group of musicians would often times set up shop with beer and acoustic guitars on an apartment deck after coming home late night. Sooner or later, these friends started meeting other friends who enjoyed jamming as well. Open mic nights were formed, new instruments and sound gear was slowly acquired...

As time went by, the influences and musical interests grew and changed. So did the musicians that played together.

In early 2003, Grazgrove was officially formed. Electric rock began to work it's way into the style, starting out by playing covers, mainly of the Grateful Dead. In early March '03, the very first gig as Grazgrove was performed at Pat's Blue Rib'n in Aggieville...a staple venue for Grazgrove. The band kept on...practicing in basements, metal storage sheds, and living rooms. As shows were performed around the Manhattan area, friends, fans and followers began to develop.

Sometime between late '03 and early '04, the band members began finishing up school, migrating over to the Kansas City area, and started making new friends and fans. The band continued writing new original music, and leaning more heavily on those original tunes as each new show was played. Much has happened since that time, and Grazgrove has had the opportunity of playing in many different cities in the region.

Today, Grazgrove is a fully original 5-piece rock band. Having just finished up the production of their first-ever studio album, Biotic, this band is on the verge of entering a new level of performance and musicianship. One that is exciting, not only to the fans of Grazgrove, but to the band itself.

It's up to you, the listener, on what you take from the Grazgrove musical experience. But when all is said and done, the music Grazgrove creates is a reflection of the chemistry of true life.


Goin' Around

Written By: Chad Brothers

Pick my medicine up off the floor
Wondering why I don't get sick
Cures of mine walk out the door
Faster than a needle's prick

Out again with no delay
Surely knowing I need to go
Need my wares to continue today
Can never think to lose the stow

It's been going around
But the love won't move an inch
A sickness flowing around
Can't beat it with a stick
I got it, you got it, he's got it, she's got it
My feet swelling up cause the shoes don't fit

A kinky fix has broken apart
With the deal that went down and out again
Looking for time to heal my heart
But the blood stained wall won't shed my skin

Don't use the hose, the well's gone dry
The push we have made cannot compare
Hoping to spread my wings and fly
Like two jackelopes our souls can share

Step on the Pilot

Written By: Chad Brothers

Sometimes my eyes deceive me
I think I'm losing ground
Turning out like my father
Running til I can't be found

But nobody can say
That you're not where you should be
So take another day
And change!

Most times behind a windshield
Worrying about the things I can't control
Sometimes they come easy to me
I'd rather be walking on the side of the road


Write write write and getting nowhere
It's like I've locked the key inside my brain
But I know that there's nothing up there
So here I sit and write and stay the same


Wake and bake and open up my eyes
Colors fade and more seems played each day
Strangulation kills you with a necktie
Life means more than what you fools get paid

Roots Grow Thick

Written By: Chad Brothers

The roots grow thick beneath the path that we walk on
It takes a mix of sun and rain to see
Sometimes you can realize tomorrow
But most times you just have to wait and see

That for something strong as wood
They shouldn't make it paper-thin
How you gonna be when you give in?

It may not be you, or what you see in the mirror
But everybody's got their own disguise
So when you go to choose your special blanket
Don't forget to cover up your pretty eyes

That for something strong as wood
They shouldn't make it paper-thin
How you gonna be when you give in?


Grazgrove's frist album, Biotic, will be released in January of 2007. The album was recorded at Chapman Recording Studio in Kansas City.

In 2005 we released Burnt Cuts through our own production company, Camp Holla Productions.

Set List

A typical set list is about 9 songs and about 60-70 minutes. Usually 7-8 originals and 1-2 covers, but oftentimes all originals. We usually play 2-set shows.

Our orignals:

Beneath the Sun, Orange Glow, Shovel, Night Outside, Our Best Friend, Watering Hole, Always Make Believe, Pooh Bear in Chinatown, High Road, Step on the Pilot, Between the Screens, Hammond, Dark Dark City, Plastic Grass, Whiskey Town, The Man, Roots Grow Thick, Tank, Birdman Strikes Again, Goin' Around

As far as covering songs, we'll take anything from the simple jam tunes of the Grateful Dead and Phish to Herbie Hancock to The Beatles to Pink Floyd to The Who. We typically like to cover a song you wouldnt hear most bands cover. Most recently, Marshall Tucker Band's "Cant You See."

A lot of our covers oftentimes have a heavy bluegrass influence too -- John Prine (Aint Hurtin Nobody), Split Lip Rayfield (Outlaw) and Bill Monroe (In the Pines) to name a few.

A few setlists from previous shows: