Grease Factor

Grease Factor


SOUTHERN FRIED SUPER GROUP BRINGS ON THE FUNK WITH ‘GREASE FACTOR’ Musical Mayhem Encouraged for First Tour of New Project


Grease Factor evolved from a recording session for Neville Brothers’ guitarist Shane Theriot’s album of the same name, and refers to adding a funkier atmosphere to a song, thus enhancing its "grease factor".

The name also applies to Theriot’s latest musical venture, an explosive, genre-busting collaboration that includes keyboardist Johnny Neel (Allman Brothers, Willie Nelson, Blue Floyd), drummer Jeff Sipe (Leftover Salmon, Susan Tedeschi, ARU), bassist Derek Jones (Nickel Creek, David Grisman, Anger/Marshall Band), and percussive powerhouse Count M’Butu (Parliament/Funkadelic, ARU). These players are all about the music, the moment, and the magical madness that is spontaneous creativity.

Grease Factor’s maiden voyage traverses a wide range of musical terrain, from roots rock and Southern Delta boogie to slippery, soulful swamp funk. The airtight rhythm section anchors a foundation of seductive grooves, and provides a launching pad for Theriot’s soaring, in-the-moment riffs and the keyboard wizardry of Neel. The results are deliciously dirty.

True to their improvisational essence, Grease Factor is touring without an album, but not without serious sonic sizzle.

There’s only one way to hear it. Wipe the windows, check the oil, fill the tank– its time to gauge your Grease Factor.