Great American Novel

Great American Novel


Great American Novel is just six months old. Early response to our music has yielded references to Nirvana, the Velvets, the Violent Femmes, Husker Du, and Firehose. We rock, we punk, we folk.


Influences: Elvis, Larry Norman, Zep. Hank, the Velvets, Iron Maiden. Our material and our sound set us apart. Though new together, we each have active and successful musical histories. Caslin (b. Ala.) has collaborated w/ a variety of bands, inc'g honkey-tonk darlings Lost Country. His old B'ham-based band Vacation Bible School opened for Dinosaur Jr. Gillham (b. Okla.) has 2 solo cds: "The Blue Wheel" and "Crow," which ASCAP's Playback magazine called "a quiet, dark, and dusty tour-de-force." Squires (b. Okla.) has enjoyed an extensive career in the Texas/Oklahoma psychadelic, garage-rock scene. His band The Helicopter opened for Okie compatriots The Flaming Lips.


Enjoy Great American Novel's first three recorded songs. For recorded work prior to GAN, check out Gillham on and Caslin at

Set List

Typical set list: Generation Next, Holy Madness, Gods or Saints, Kitchen Song, Fight Against, Fearless (Pink Floyd), New Day in the Sun, Dread, God Bless the USA, Billie Jean (MJ), Psycho Nightmare (Daniel Johnston).