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"Band Of The Year 2009"

The Florida Music Scene
Hosted by Tattoo Todd
announced, Jan 09 his pick for
band of the year.
Great Awakening, out of Orlando.
The guys have worked thier butts off, putting their music out there and promoting themselves, and their band. Continue to watch these Diamonds in the rough grow!
Jax Rock Radio, Whog Daytona FM - Whog's Tattoo Todd

"Great Awakening"

Recalling Metallica -

"Florida's Next"

"Great Awakening is taking Old School Thrash to the next level. Undoubtedly the next band to successfully emerge from Florida's Underground. "
- Fl Metal

"True Metal"

"It's easy to see the true love for metal music coming through this bands sound... I'm excited to see what they do next!"
- Sick Drummer Magazine


"Great Awakening is a full blown throw back to the glory days. Speed, vocals, and crushing power!" - All Access Music Magazine

"CD Review"

CD Rating: 4 stars (four out of four)
By: Paul Hennig

With the band member's age range under 20, it always puts a smile on my face to see and hear an artist, regardless of musical style, running circles around other artists twice their age. In the case of Great Awakening, that musical style would be old-skool thrash metal (Perhaps a better label might be "nu-thrash?"), as the title of this seven-song record implies. These young guys, are way ahead of their teenage peers in not only musicianship, but in their stage presence and professionalism as well, and can hold their own with anything the genre has to offer. One can only imagine where these youngsters will be by the time they reach their twenties. Scary. - Connections Magazine

"Great Awakening Rocks the world!"

So you ready to get your thrash on? I’m not sure how it happened, but recently there’s been an outbreak of really young thrash bands. It may not be your speed, but if you’re a fan of early Anthrax or Exciter (I doubt that more than 12 people actually even know who they are) there’s a few kids out in Orlando, Florida called Great Awakening that are metal thrashing mad. The funny thing is that none of ‘em were even born when Metallica was already past their prime. These young guys freakin shread. The drummer has been sponsored since he was 14 years old. This is serious stuff. Check ‘em out at and THRASH ‘TIL YOU DIE. - SikWorld Clothing

"Album of the Month"

Frances own Metal-Invasion radio show, named Great AwakeningFL
their Album of the Month for March 2009. -

"All Access Music Magazine"

After the release of their 2008 CD, Thrash Til You Die which gained them much attention worldwide, the are back with some new songs. Just when you think, how can these young guys write more new kick ass material. They do just that. This new demo features 3 songs that show just how versitile they can be. The first song is “Hit and Run” seems to have a more hard rock radio friendly feel, while keeping the power. The other two songs “Thirteen” and “All Systems Fail” builds great energy and brings the metal riffage. Check the new songs out, when you can. We personally know they can pull off these songs, and others, LIVE.

This gets 5 of 5 stars! Check them out for yourself
- Bobby Rees

"DRUM magazine feature"

NEW BLOOD segment in the November 2009 issue in Drum magazine, featured Nick Butera bands, drummer.
quote from writer - Waldo the squid
Butera shows astounding velocity throughout the cd. He demonstrates excellent use of space and crash accents on the song "Annihilation". Waldo goes onto say, "Like those national touring groups the band has toured with, its just a matter of time before Butera also goes nationwide. - DRUM Magazine 11/2009


Self Released EP "Thrash Til' You Die" 2008
7 Tracks all original

Most recent EP release 10/2009
w/ 3 original tracks

Both EP's have been self-distributed and can be found in many local music stores, as well as both EP's can be purchased with pay pal on their band myspace page.
Both EP's have seen airplay from all over the world and USA. Some stations are:

WHOG Daytona Radio w/ Tattoo Todd (named
Band of the Year, 2009)
Orlando’s WJRR Native Noise with LT
Thrash Unlimited online radio
Allentown, PA – WLVR 91.7 w/ Tony the Metal God (Metal Warriors Show)
Bethlehem, PA – WLVR 91.7 w/ Sheck
The Lex and Terry Show
The Saw internet radio
Metal-Invasion (Album of the Month)
Metal Mayhem and Rage radio
98 Rock Tampa
Psyco Realm WMNF 88.5
The Butcher Shop Radio WKUF 94.3
Audio Aggression radio - Thrash Can
Interviewed and music play on
Metal Monthly w/host Omar Tampa
More coming daily........

***Great Awakening continues to sell their cd's all over USA, Europe, and all over the world. (Finland, Belgium, Japan, Coasta Rica, Mexico, etc.)

Sponsors and or Supporters
Grindstix (Drummer)
Sickdrummer (Drummer)
Sik World
Thrash Unlimited
All Access Music Magazine
FL Metal
Expressive Vinyl Graphics
Bobby Rees Graphics



A heavy metal revival.

A long time ago metal was real, raw, angry, fast, and full of attitude. With bands like Slayer and Metallica building their armies in the underground, and over throwing bands like Ratt and Cinderella, who put more hairspray and make-up into their music than riff. Glam metal was the enemy, and thrash was it's opposer.

Now, with metal bands today singing about breaking up with their girlfriends, de-tuning their guitars to make their music sound heavier than it is, screaming through the verse but melodically whining through the chorus, replacing solo's with breakdown's, and claiming greatness for songs that contain one good riff, there is a new enemy.

It's time again for a new awakening, a Great Awakening. It's time for a new Slayer, a new Metallica, and a new Megadeth to come forward and form a new army. We call ourselves Great Awakening because we are the Great Awakening. Replacing low and slow, with speed and aggression. We're going to play louder and we're going to play faster. We're on a mission to make heavy metal what it used to be and everyone is invited.

Are you a part of the Great Awakening?

Great Awakening is an Orlando based metal band formed by the two brothers Nick and Vinnie Butera with the intention of starting an awakening of their own and reviving a genre that once ruled the world. Their music is a mix of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Overkill, and Pantera. Great Awakening has already grown quickly bringing in fans of all ages to witness the "METAL", revival. Nick Butera, was scouted by Interscope records to audition as a drummer for Black Tide shortly after their FMF showcase. Nick was also endorsed by Grindstix, sticks for metal drummers and featured on, as an up and coming drummer. Great Awakening has become in high demand all around the world selling their CD's all over USA, Europe, and more all over the world.
Great Awakening has been featured on countless radio stations and shows. Some of which include are large syndicated shows such as "Lex and Terry" in the morning. The band is a featured artist on, A forum and online radio devoted to Metal/thrash, where they have already gained approval from fans all over the U.S. and Europe. With their Hard work, sponsorships and constant airplay in other states and foreign countries, Great Awakening is rapidly growing as one of Floridas hottest bands.

The band works very hard, has all pro equipment, pro attitude, and are very respectful guys.
Great Awakening, never disapoints their fans and audiences. They are very professional on and off stage. Great Awakening is very approachable by their fans. They have a very high powered on stage performance, leaving fans wanting more.
The band has opened for the following bands.
Bonded By Blood(Earache records)
The Authumn Offering (Metal Blade)
Another Black Day (Beiler Brothers)
Pain Principle (Blind Prophecy)
Hell With In (Lifeforce records)
Society Red (mem. of Puddle of mudd/Shinedown)
Adrift (mem. of Cannibal Corpse/Deicide)
Exmortus (Heavy Artillery)
Violent Storm(Mick Cervino' bassist for Yngwie malsteen and Ritchie Blackmores band)
Cauldron/Canada/Earache records.
Enforcer/Sweden/Heavy Artillery