Great Balancing Act
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Great Balancing Act

Band Folk Children's Music


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Greg Perry's reviews"

"At once it's poignant, honest and humorous enough to make the worms laugh. Which of course is the ultimate charm of this band - their sunny summer radiance and dreamy innocence is designed to brighten hearts, regardless of who they are." - Times and Transcript

"A gem"

"I admit to being awed and even transformed by the beauty of these songs." - Valium

"Groove Unit"

"If they were a movie, it would be 'The Warm Fuzzies Meet the Creatures From Planet Zork'; If they were a domestic activity, they would be a long, hot bath with talking tub toys; if they were a dance, they would be a combination between the Hokey Pokey and the Moonwalk. To say the least, the kinky tunes and infectious glee they exude while performing make for a charming and slightly mysterious way to spend an evening." - The Argosy


2007 Two Birds
2000 Thanks Y’all (Live)
1998 Summer
1996 Blelvis
1995 Low Ride



There once was a day in ‘94
when Jeep met Nina at the drugstore.
They felt they had an instant rapport,
something too powerful to ignore.

They found themselves birds of a feather.
They sang and they played together.

Nina with her big udu drum.
Jeep with his funny
songs to be sung.

Dr. Seuss had put out a book.
In it, Jeep found a cool little hook.

Something the Dr. had said had impact.
He said, “Life is a Great Balancing Act”!

And so a band
was born to be.

Along the way they’ve had some good times.
They’ve played across-Canada and Maritimes.

They’ve played for big kids, little kids too.
They’ve played the smallest and biggest venue.
They’ve put out 10 albums and gotten the flu.
They’ve been known to make quite a hullabaloo!

They’ve played on Much Music, been screamed at in shows.
They’ve been heard in Jeep’s films and on radios.

They’ve had a colourful cast and crew.
At times it could’ve resembled a zoo!

Now an album for kids; how strange you might say.
Not really, why they have always loved play.

In 2007, these 2 Birds still sing.
Now about blossoming flowers in spring.
Now about love, poppies and fairies,
dragonflies, daisies, fields of raspberries.

Creating their magical, mystical world.
A daydreamer boy and a daisy-day girl.

Wonder-full songs
Making folks glad
Sweet harmonies
That can’t be too bad!

Keeping it simple
For everyone.
Keeping it grooving and making it fun!