Great Big Faces

Great Big Faces

 Los Angeles, California, USA

small head, big face.


GREAT BIG FACES combines dynamic art & audience participation. Paul Merklein paints six-foot tall faces of kids & adults, creating art in action for everyone!

Paul paints school mascots, famous faces and people right from the audience, creating art in action for campus events, concerts, festivals and Family Nights.

"You are always a smashing success with everyone. The students love you!"
- Dr. Marisa Rivera, Marquette University

"Thank you for drawing me at Fox Valley Technical College. You do a really great job!"
- Carrie Caldwell

"You were by far the best event at our picnic."
- Paul Aparicio, University of Wisconsin

"You did an outstanding job for us."
- Chuck Steele, College of DuPage

"Fantastic!" - WGN news Chicago