Great Bloomers

Great Bloomers

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Playing rollickin' piano-based country-tinged college rock, Great Bloomers astound with subtlety - delicious hooks, stunning harmonies, expert musicianship, songwriting well beyond their years and a wry sense of humour that says we're good and we know it, but we appreciate you for coming, so thanks


Combining elements of country-tinged pop melodies and gritty roots rock guitar riffs Great Bloomers draw on an impressive array of influences with infectious dexterity. Along with a mixture of vocal harmonies, sounding somewhere in between the Beach Boys and The Band, the young Toronto-based group sports a freshly unique sound with a solid roots foundation. This diversity is on fervent display in the debut full-length Speak of Trouble which has garnered much praise in the last year. NOW magazine voted it #3 best local album of 2009 while Niagara’s ‘Pulse’ magazine and Hamilton’s ‘The View’ rated it #1; even Canadian song writing legend Gordon Lightfoot became a fan.

After a year of chaotic personnel changes Great Bloomers enters 2010 with a solidified lineup and a mature vision building upon the successes of their debut. This new ap- proach is a distillation of the experimentation seen in Speak of Trouble and is repre- sentative of a band truly finding their sound. Their current live show consists of a multi- tude of new material that maintains the spirit of their past and an ability to evolve. Never relenting the contagious energy that has won them fans across Canada, Bloomers is now poised to make a serious impression on the independent music scene.

In a musical landscape that relies so heavily on electronic textures, novel sounds and shallow subject matter, Great Bloomers’ fresh, organic sound speaks to the honest heart of what it means to be young and alive today. Their music is something altogether relatable and uniquely captures those sad and beautiful moments we all share.



Written By: Lowell Sostomi

step right in,
come watch me disintegrate in front of a live audience,
you have a new look,
and i made an old thing disappear but an unlatched jaw brought it all back here,
you think this helps
you sleep with the black angels
i might've said at the bust of dawn
i broke your heart and it wont be long
'till it's broken again
but the meddling birds all know my name
caught a peak of a dream and a winter's game
for everyone who's interested in playin'
you're still holdin' on,
still count on me to meet you,
and tell you hunny i am not the one for you
these times are hard but their still ours.


Written By: Lowell Sostomi

the city yawns and stretches
there's songs to sing
with the voice of an elder, and the young ones slept,
heavy eyes, that see clear but can still dream
and this feeling irks me,
but it's gone so quickly
and you're still new to me,
and you burn so brightly
i just smile politely at everyone i see in case you suddenly appear
now i'm tired of waiting,
and this hesitation
we buried the hatchet in our own back yard.


Written By: Lowell Sostomi

we sacrificed our purity and crafted new identities
this tree ain't gonna chop itself and no one else is gonna help
oh, our eyes they glinted so / we preyed that they should never go
i'm ready now for you to lay this honey blanket down on me
the storm is comin’ towards our small cabin and i'm tucked in, nice and warm.
the weight of change it grounds my form the blanket thickens ever more
my bedroom ceiling opens wide to let the rain and snow inside
a specter gleams with eerie light I'm fastened down try as i might
the honey seeps inside my ears and validates my deepest fears
and if this means what i think it means, then there's no way out so it seems
if you breathe new life into me
and i know that time cannot dull me


Written By: Lowell Sostomi

all caught up in the rhythm of things
waiting for a significant sign
my drunk mouth leaves logic behind
these unthinking hands don't know wrong from right
but things are so clear
i can see at night just like day light
and i'm a day time dreamer
with not one modest bone in my lovin' arms
they can push and pull
that's thing about arms
I know your white lies and your acorn eyes
i gotta part with my helpless heart
putting you behind in the back of my mind
could be more simple than i ever thought
and your so wrapped up in your own good time
I'm done wasting mine
and i'm a day time dreamer
with not a modest bone in my lovin' arms
they can push and pull
that's the thing about arms
well luck's on my side
and i can see the light and it's in plain sight
i'm the night time's orphan
with not a thing to show for it


Written By: Lowell Sostomi

everyone's trying to hide their love
ambition that they glibly speak of
late at night you're a white knight
well i know
i've never seen you like this before
you make it seem like you have a dream
it's all cool if if you have me there with you
i don't wanna see myself like that again
i don't wanna be that again
well i know
this ain't you
and when we talk
you're coming through
i've made a few mistakes
you throw them in my face
but we are not the same
i want you here, but can you change
i'll help you stay awake
keep our plans from yesterday
to sing and laugh and play
along, and kick the olden ways away


Written By: Lowell Sostomi

the fortune teller speaks of trouble,
spent all night making plans for us,
I made my peace with rising sun,
now she's mine, I'm biding my time
and when she fell asleep,
I changed my future's path,
set fire to death and gave myself
everlasting light
being immortal ain't for me
we walked down to a roaring fire
laid in the cold sand
but on the other hand i knew
the thought of you don't hold me no more.
the hot wind blew our
parting words onto the
cool lake while we sat wide awake
and shared more silence than I'd like to admit.
I've seen the last good part of me
decay gradually
we were both swallowed by the mouth of the lake
baffled still, by all the sense we could make
but we both sank like stones
you already missed the soft land
and you molded to my figure just like the sand below
in this dark place i couldn't see your face
but with all this weight above how could we grow
i will rise
i will rise with the sun


Written By: Lowell Sostomi

every drop of rain on my tongue
slips, and drips a different tune
pots and pans that clamor
through the door way to your patient groom
elephants in every corner
smitten by the way you move
writhe from any pang
of disenchantment that i stir in you
push away beams of morning
paralyzed by pleasures unknown
secret lovers in their fashions
waste their time, all alone
oh the march we made along the streets
set ablaze our orphan eyes with little pine leaves
we both share a similar stature
feeling lighter laying on the concrete
oh my heedless voice
be softer still
if there's anything you haven't destroyed
there'll be time to rejoice
every day that stumbles by
i throw away like paper planes
into a dark black cloud where
hope is sparse and lightning reigns
if we ever make it through
i swear to you i'll guide us home
to a nest of sheets and springs
where lovers never sleep alone
fall asleep my heavy heart
find another reason to beat
if i can't find comfort here
i'll leave you and admit defeat


Written By: Lowell Sostomi

our bodies edged the shallow lake
we bubbled softly in the wake
nothing here is yours to take
we staggered down between the rocks
further than we'd ever walked
we may never get this close again
so we sat and breathed it in
to belong to a moment
is better than to own it
people i've met and places i've been
i miss everything i've seen
all the weight that we've carried
everyone that we've buried
people i've met and places i've been
i miss everything i've ever seen
how I wished that we could stay
we breathed in smoke and drank all day
but the booze ran out and the smoke did too
so we left to go somewhere new
our spirits were high but our feet were sore
we built a fire and drank some more
out with the flames and in with the dew
i woke up with both of my arms around you
i hope we can make it through
to coast along together after our youth
if every dream comes back to you
i'll miss everything you used to do
i prey my dreams will find me first
not having you around would be so much worse


Written By: Lowell Sostomi

you can pick me up in front of my home
i'll be standing there in a black coat
by a telephone pole
but i can wave you down
if you don't see me
i've seen your face before
c'os i've seen your car before
i recognize the dent in your passenger door
yeah, i've seen this all before
But you've never taken this long
I've never waited so long
i called you on your cellular phone
but it was off then i walked by your house but all the lights were off
so i left
this was the last time i'd wait for you
then the next night came and i snuck out my basement door again
i kept the last of my faith wrapped in blankets gently laid in my fireplace
i nodded off all alone leant against a telephone pole
and i couldn't help but have a sweat dream, of sleeping soundly in my bed sheets
how could i ever face you again
i've lost another good friend
that was the last time i'd wait for you


Written By: Lowell Sostomi

i know people who talk like you
i know people who talk like you
i've heard them speak
with voices so meek
i know people who know you too
i know people who know you too
they send their regards
and ask'd 'bout how ya are
i wish i had a better answer
oh cousin, dear
won't you please come near
there's always something here for you to eat
at home, you can use the telephone, before you go
well i know people who're fun like you
i know people who're fun like you
you may remember them
no leaves grew off the stem
someday someone's gonna take you on
someday someone's gonna take you on
you seem unsure
you practice your demur
oh how do things go so unnoticed
with so much good, around this neighborhood
i wouldnt change a thing about you
if you were my kid, oh all the things i'd give
i hope this song, could help you get along,
like nothings wrong


Great Bloomers - EP (May 2007)
Speak of Trouble - LP (April 2009)
Small Town Love - 7" Vinyl (October 2010)

Set List

30-60 minutes of original material