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"Greater Good... Shake Till I Let You Go"

Greater Good delivers a blend of soulful party rock with a touch of southern charm and a dash of Brit-pop. Some of the bands influences include Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, and The Clash. Or so their press release says. Me, I hear dabs and dips of The Shazam, The Rosenbergs, Mando Diao, The Ceasars and The Figgs. Great as those artists are(and they are inspirations of the band, no doubt), we like to get more specific here at Not Lame, right? Dig into the soundbites below and hear what you think and see if you agree with me. This is one of those indie rock releases that comes on your Ipod and you are not sure who it is playing but you *are* sure you are digging the sounds of their snarling, stabbing guitar work and catchy choruses! "It's a mixture of 60’s rock and soul influences (Spencer Davis Group, The Kinks, early Rod Stewart) filtered through a 90’s alternative indie vibe (Supergrass, The Stone Roses, or Charlatans with less organs). The result is a sound that seems familiar yet fresh all at once, and the songs are filled with enough hooks to bring you back for seconds!" – GhostofBlindLemonJefferson Blog. RIGHT FREAKIN’ ON!! -

"Greater Good and Blind Melon vs. Blind Lemon"

Before I explain how Greater Good fits into this article, I would like to give a little background information for you.

Blind Lemon is the man pictured at left. His birth name was Lemon Henry Jefferson, but he was best known as Blind Lemon Jefferson. He made Dallas his home in 1917, and many would say he is the founding father of Deep Ellum and the Dallas music scene. I would be strongly inclined to agree with these people. The name of this site is a tribute to Mr. Jefferson.

Blind Melon is a band from the early 1990’s best known for the song “No Rain”, with the song’s video featuring the infamous “Bee Girl”. The band formed in California, with members coming from various states, including Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and Indiana. None of the members are from Texas. The blog was NOT named after this band. I feel compelled to state this as I have had more than one individual think that the name of the blog comes from the band, not the blues artist.

Now that we’ve established the difference between Blind Lemon and Blind Melon, let me proceed with the real point of the article. The band Blind Melon has reunited and obtained Travis Warren as its new lead vocalist, taking over the vacancy left when Shannon Hoon died of a cocaine overdose in 1995. They have started touring, and they have gotten local boys Greater Good to open for them on this tour.

If you’ve never seen the band, the best way I can describe it is a mixture of 60’s rock and soul influences (Spencer Davis Group, The Kinks, early Rod Stewart) filtered through a 90’s alternative indie vibe (Supergrass, The Stone Roses, or Charlatans with less organs). The result is a sound that seems familiar yet fresh all at once, and the songs are filled with enough hooks to bring you back for seconds. You can check these songs out on their MySpace, or you can by their CD, Shake Till I Let You Go, when it comes out May 20th.

The Ghost of Blind Lemon is thrilled that the band will get the opportunity to perform with Blind Melon on their tour. You can check out Greater Good with Blind Melon on Friday, April 18th, at House of Blues. Many of the dates on the tour have sold out. It appears that tickets are still available for the Dallas show, but it is probably just a matter of time until this show sells out too.

But please, whatever you do, don’t tell people that the Ghost of Blind Melon recommended you see Greater Good open for Blind Lemon. That would be really annoying to me. - Ghost of Blind Lemon Blog

"Greater Good : Homegrown"

This local sextet has the influences down pat: Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, The Faces and Stone Roses are all incorporated into a well-produced, well-played concoction that is packed to the brim with hooks and sweat. Throw in a little Motown edge to Americanize the sound just enough and Shake Till I Let You Go, Greater Good's debut effort, appears to be on the cusp of greatness.

- Dallas Observer



Shake Till I Let You Go |2008 Lizard King Records|


Hey Mister |Shake Till I Let You Go | August 2008



Imagine if Mick Jagger, James Brown, Elvis Costello, and Texas(the state) had a kid. This kid grew up in the 90's and likes whiskey. He also likes sing alongs. Multiply by 6 = Greater Good. The band was created out of the need for real music, that brings back energy,volume, and soul and songs!

The Greater Good have just released their debut record Shake Till I Let You Go on Lizard King Records The record was recorded and produced, in their hometown of Dallas, by the band and the Pipes brothers. During the sessions, singer J.R. Denson took trips to NY and London where he met up with Adam Schlesinger (FOW, IVY), legendary songwritter Graham Gouldman(10CC ) , David Maurice, and so many more friends. This had a major influence on the songs. The record was mixed by Tony Lash(Dandy Warhols, Elliott Smith, Stars of Track and Field)

Greater Good were main support for two tours with Blind Melon this year which brought them in front of Sold Out crowds nightly. They also did an East Coast run earlier this year with Deep Blue Something.

The Dallas Observer wrote "Greater Good is one hell of a live act; six guys who bring a love of timeless music and an ultra-professional demeanor to just about any late-night extravaganza."

The band recently played the Democratic National Convention for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America benefit with Michelle Obama. The band will be releasing a song called Good Dress to benefit IAVA and troops across the world

The band is currently writting for a new record which will come out next year. They plan on doing extensive touring to support the release.

2008 Highlights

Multiple write-ups in Dallas blogs and local papers

Deep Blue Something Byzantium Tour (East Coast) Main Support

Blind Melon Tour - Main Support ( All shows full capacity or sold out )

Debut record Shake Till I Let You Go released in the US through Lizard King Records and WMG Distribution. Several Best Buy stores in Texas and Louisiana sell out in the first day. sells out in first two days.

Blind Melon Tour w/ Eric Hutchinson - main support on half the dates. (Most shows full capacity or sold out)

Appearance on Fox Good Day Austin

Chosen by MTV to play MTV Choose or Loose Tour w/ Locksley and Hymns and featured on MTV Soundtrack

Chosen by Sonicbids for Volume 5 of their very successful compilation which will be passed out at every major music festival in 2009. Also they chose Greater Good for their I am Sonicbids campaign.

Doing It Right featured in national promotion campaign for HD NET ( 4 month run time )

Documentary style TV show in development currently