Greater Heights

Greater Heights


While your boom box absorbs the pop anthems of Greater Heights, you'll find yourself with a stiff neck in the morning from head pumping to the ear candy and lyrical madness.


Being in the same bands since the age of 14 and having the ever so common dream of any artist; OPPORTUNITY, Chase Johnson (vocals,guitar,keys) and Maxwell Hobbs (keys,synthesizer,guitar) set out from Chicago, IL to San Diego, Ca to search for the missing pieces to their musical puzzle. While balancing jobs, music and other business aspects, Robert Main(bass) and Christopher Crain (percussion) had reached out to the boys to try and create a new sound in the Southern California pop music world. Greater Heights was then formed in 2010 with the intention of exploding into the lifestyles of everyday people. On February 14th, Greater Heights released two new singles, "Make It Through" and "Left Me Here", overtaking the #1 artist with most downloads and plays on Purevolume and new music video for "Make it Through" featured on Buzznet on April 19th getting over 4,000 hits on YouTube and counting.

With the influences of such artists as Coldplay, The Fray, Neon Trees, Muse, and M83, Greater Heights have been noticed for their catchy choruses and undeniable hooks that keep you humming for days. Greater Heights will catch you with the keen vocals and unforgettable licks while keeping you addicted to their deep rhythms and pounding beats. Once perceiving one of the bands flashy, high-energy showcases, you'll be coming back for more to such venues as The House of Blues, The Roxy(Los Angeles, Ca), SOMA(San Diego, CA), Whiskey A Go Go(Los Angeles, CA), and Chain Reaction.


Make It Through

Written By: Greater Heights

Together is where I want to be
The first of December is the day she left me
I said it's okay, but she just couldn't stay
Because all of our days have been wasted away
Can we make it through it?
Make it through it
I found your letter, this can't be happening
and it feels like forever since I've seen your face when it isn't in a dream
and now I'm alone in a place I called home,
but it's simply a house without you in our bed and now I'm just wasting away
Can we make it through it?
Make it through it
I never thought I'd feel this way
I never thought I'd feel the pain
until you took my breathe away

Left Me Here (With Nothing)

Written By: Greater Heights

I just need somebody
I just need some love
Now you got me lying next you
I can't live without you
Cause you're all that I've got
Now you got me forever loving you
So rescue me baby, cause I'm going crazy
I'll be alright, alright
So stay with me baby, cause you love to hate me
I'll be alright, alright
You left me here with nothing
and I should've seen it coming
You got my head spinning, got my heart racing
But I'll do it again
Now my bed is empty, my sheets are getting cold
Baby when you tempt me, I'm always waiting by the phone
Don't you say it over, I'll take your pictures off the wall
And throw away the days where we used to have it all
I will always be the one who fights for you
I'll throw away everything just for you
Give me a sign and I will be anywhere you are


Greater Heights recorded their freshman album "Streets of The Better Life" in early December of 2010, eventually maturing and owning up to their latest singles "Make it Through" and "Left Me Here" in February of 2012 being both aired on radio stations 91X, 94.1, and 105.3 in San Diego, Ca. They're soon coming out with their brand new, un-released singles "Love Vs. Pain" and "Atmosphere" via online for free in June 2012.

Streets of the Better Life- EP - December 2010
Make It Through - Single - February 2012
Left Me Here (With Nothing) - Single - February 2012
Make It Through - Music Video - April 2012
Love Vs Pain - Single - June 2012
Atmosphere - Single - June 2012