Greater Mount Calvary Recording Choir
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Greater Mount Calvary Recording Choir

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | MAJOR

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | MAJOR
Band Christian Gospel


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"Purchase or Pass: Greater Mt. Calvary LIVE As Told By The Music Ministry"

Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church, pastored by Archbishop Alfred A. Owens and First Lady Susie Owens, has a gifted music ministry. Their Greater Mount Calvary Men of Valor Choir won the overall regional choir award for Washington, DC in last year’s How Sweet the Sound competition.

But on the church’s newly released debut CD, you’ll hear all their singers ministering as one body, the Greater Mount Calvary Recording Choir. Here’s a track-by-track review of Greater Mount Calvary LIVE As Told By The Music Ministry…as told by yours truly!

“Intro” – Bishop and Co-Pastor Owens give a 40 second introduction. And, now that I’ve heard it once, I’ll never need to be re-introduced again!

“He’s Worthy/Reprise” – Though this energetic song fits nicely as the opening number, something did throw me a bit. The tone of the sopranos differed from the other sections. But, I still found myself swaying and singing along.

“The Battle Belongs to God” – Get ready to break down that mug and shrug those shoulders! We’re having CHUUUCH! Great track, though the song could’ve been whittled down in the middle a bit.

“We Worship Your Name” – This is a beautiful song. The lyrics, “Forever and ever/Through the ages, You reign/Jehovah, our maker/We worship Your name,” pulled me into worship. Worshippers will love this…

“Daily I Shall Worship Thee/Reprise/Exhortation” – …and this! I especially loved hearing AUTHENTIC WORSHIP from the audience! There weren’t any fake clap/praise/worship tracks on this LIVE CD!

“War Cry” – You all know this one. “Oh, oh, oh, OOOOH!” I do wish “War Cry” faded out at the end instead of being cut off so abruptly.

“God is Worthy to be Praised” – With simply a piano (and a drummer towards the end), the soloist painted the picture of God’s goodness. The congregation couldn’t let it go…and neither could I.

“Christ Did It All/Praise Break” – The lead vocalist was WOW! This is a nice worship song with an AWESOME lead vocalist.

“He Could Have Let Me Drown” – Age Christopher Brinson’s “What if God” by a few years and you’ll get this song. A kick drum, light cymbals, and tight vocals make this a nice treat. Grab this for your Heritage services this February!

“Create in Me A Clean Heart” – Lyrically, this is straight from the scriptures. Musically, this is the most creative song on the CD. The syncopation and bongos are a nice touch.

“Nobody Like Him” – We’re back to our handclaps and shoulder shrugs! Good ol’church!

“Morning Praise” – The lead vocalist lovingly sings of Christ’s name being worthy of praise for 3 minutes. Then, the choir joins her for another 5 minutes or so. Lovely…but long.

“Jesus is Worthy” – This is the closest you’ll get to a youthful praise jam on this project. Simple and repetitive, you’ll catch on quickly. It’s definitely catchy.

Overall, I think this traditional choir CD is cohesive with some very POWERFUL worship moments. If you like your gospel music super churchy, this is definitely for you! - E.J. Gaines (

"R3 - Greater Mount Calvary "Live" Record Review"

It has been a long time coming but the time is now. Coming from our nation’s capital is the Greater Mount Calvary Recording Choir led by Bishop Alfred and Co-Pastor Susie Owens. This offering is a breath of fresh air and surprisingly one of the better choir CD’s that has been released over the past year. GMC starts the CD off nicely with a mid tempo song entitled “He’s Worthy” and quickly picks up speed on the Walter Hawkins & Love Center Choir/ Institutional Radio Choir inspired, “The Battle Belongs to God”, which is a hand clapping, foot stomping track that will have you giving God praise at the drop of a hat. “Daily I Shall Worship Thee” will take the listener straight into worship mode while “War Cry” (made famous by Bishop Owens best friend, the late Bishop Kenneth Moales) takes you straight into orbit! ”God is Worthy to be Praised” led by the one and only Bishop Alfred Owens, “He Could Have Drown”,”Create in Me A Clean Heart” and the radio friendly “Jesus is Worthy”, round off this CD perfectly.

As of late any music I receive that has over 11 songs raises a red flag because artists tend to give too much and the message becomes redundant after awhile. However, I must say that even with a 17 song set (inclusive of intro, reprises & praise breaks), Greater Mount Calvary’s debut will keep you in praise and worship mode throughout the entire CD. With the an influx of over produced, auto tuned gospel music that some of our gospel artists offer, it is refreshing to hear an album full of pure, well produced choir music. Steven Ford (TD Jakes, Tye Tribbett, Fred Hammond) did an incredible job producing this project distributed through Calvary Records. This CD is a must have in your collection. - Robert Hasan James (Root Magazine Online)

"Greater Mount Calvary Recording Choir Live: As Told By the Music Ministry"

It seems hard to believe, but the evolution of the gospel genre has seen fewer contributions from the choir sound. However, with efforts like Verizon's How Sweet the Sound choir competition, the Sunday Morning choral sound is returning to the marketplace.

With that, enter the Greater Mount Calvary Recording Choir out of Washington, DC. Led by Bishop Alfred and Co-Pastor Susie Owens, (who also serve as executive producers of the album), this choir takes the story of their weekly worship experience and records it for the world to hear with Live: As Told By The Music Ministry.

Grammy-award winning producer Steven Ford leads the charge, as this 17-track effort quickly resembles a spirited and charismatic Sunday morning worship experience.

Production supervisor and choir director Elder Cornelius Young makes several major contributions to this effort, including providing lead vocals for the acapella anthem and lead single "He Could Have Let Me Drown". This infectious track will be a favorite in churches nationwide with its easy melody and flawless delivery. The theme of excellent vocal and musical presentation is a common theme throughout every song.

Lovers of worship music will want to check out the powerful "We Worship Your Name" and "Daily I Shall Worship Thee". Andrea Dumas lends her lead vocals to "Christ Did It All", another sure-fire hit. This song is another great example of the strength of Greater Mount Calvary's choir. Simply put, this choir can SING!! Mix fantastic voices with sound vocal and dynamic placement and you have the makings of outstanding choir. Such is unquestionably the case with Greater Mount Calvary's Recording Choir.

This also rings true on the mid-tempo grooves and high-powered churchy offerings. The choir grooves with cuts such as "He's Worthy" and "Jesus Is Worthy".

And as you can imagine, the choir goes straight to church on "The Battle Belongs to God" and the famed "War Cry", made famous by the late Bishop Kenneth H. Moales.

From start to finish, the debut release from the Greater Mount Calvary Recording Choir is a definitive hit and a welcomed return to solid choir music. - Gerard Bonner (


Greater Mount LIVE As Told By The Music Ministry (2011)
He Could Have Let Me Drown (Radio Single, 2011)
He's Worthy (Radio Single, 2011)



Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church, founded by Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr., has long been noted in the nation's capital for its dynamic music ministry. The Greater Mount Calvary Recording Choir is an extension of the diversity, creativity and musical fortitude found at the church and within its music ministry.

The Recording Choir produces a complete musical package designed to minister to the hearts of people and please the heart of God. With over 175 members, the choir has been introduced to the world in a big way with their debut release, Greater Mount Calvary LIVE: As Told By The Music Ministry, which debuted at #7 on the Billboard Gospel charts.

The Greater Mount Calvary Recording Choir is under the direction of Elder Cornelius Young (Minister of Music) and Sis. Tammy Ellard (Associate Minister of Music).