Greater Purpose

Greater Purpose

 Wilton, Maine, USA

Greater Purpose is a Christian band formed to celebrate Christ's life through song. Their songs are scriptural but are written based on the member's lives, are from the heart, and are meant to minister to both believers and non-believers and to meet them where they are in their life's journey.


Greater Purpose are song receivers, as opposed to song writers, whose original music is meant to minister to people from all walks and backgrounds. The unique sound of Greater Purpose is influenced from such greats as John Denver, Sandi Patty, Eva Cassidy, Dan Fogelberg and The Gaithers. The heartfelt words, catchy melodies, and powerful, pristine lead vocals along with the supporting harmonies, acoustic guitars, keyboards and rhythm section are sure to touch your very soul.

The band is comprised of a female lead singer with a powerful testimony about how she got to where she is today, a rhythm acoustic guitar player who also sings both lead and backup vocals, a piano/keyboard player and occasionally a harmony vocalist and a father/son drummer and bassist.


Serenity CD - released in 2008
Freedom Fathers DVD - released in 2008
The Love of Christmas 2-song CD - released in 2009
Seasons CD - released in 2010

Find samples of our music on CD Baby and iTunes - search for Greater Purpose.