Heavily armed with killer melodies and thought-provoking lyrics locked in an air-tight groove, GREATESCAPE is a band that blends the high lonesome sounds of the deep south with the rugged history of the vast northern landscape, to create a sound with vision.


Delivering some of the finest roots music to emerge in Toronto for some time, the stark arsenal of GREATESCAPE includes an accomplished original repertoire of cinematic scope and a performance style bordering on telepathic. The veteran songwriting duo of James Murphy and Paul White began GREATESCAPE as a showcase for their newly-minted collaborations. Melding the introspective storytelling style of the great southern troubadours with the free-form jazz rock of the psychedelic era, Murphy and White have written and arranged a songbook that speaks to the future with a clear understanding of tradition and history.

Formed on the wrong side of the tracks in Hamilton, Ontario, GREATESCAPE has created an exciting brand of high energy, infectious soul music that grabs you by the mind and pulls you under it's hypnotic spell. Guitarist James Murphy and keyboardist Paul White left their respective homes in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Port au Port, Newfoundland to become recording students on the outskirts of Steeltown. While working and living at a local recording studio in the mid nineties, Murphy and White recorded with and engineered a diverse array of artists ranging from goth industrial to Anguillan reggae. Using the full capabilities of a studio environment, the duo began to filter the sum of their influences and unexpected collaborations into a prolific songwriting partnership, leading GREATESCAPE to a new chapter in Toronto.



Written By: Murphy & White

Slippin down the subway stairs, hittin town for a social affair
Tryin' to stay as cool as can be, unaware of what I'd see
A few strangers, my future wife…just gettin on with daily life
Just gettin on with daily life
When there she was, at my side…try not to lead, lead with surprise
Try not to lead, lead with surprise

I said, "Don't mind me, I'm only lookin"

I gave her eyes, the best I could give, I wanted to tell her where I live
So she could come by and ask for me, and we could get it on naturally
Goin down low, comin up high… makin believe that we could fly
Makin believe that we could fly

I said, "Don't mind me, I'm only lookin"
"Don't mind me, I'm only lookin"

From out of nowhere, she cracked a smile
She said, "I'm sorry, but you're not my style"
I said, "Excuse me, are you talkin to me? I'm only takin in the scenery
I'm only lookin you up and down…no other motivation to be found"
No other motivation to be found

I said, "Don't mind me, I'm only lookin"
"Don't mind me, I'm only lookin"

I'm only lookin, I'm only lookin, I'm only lookin at you


Written By: Murphy & White

Better come locked and loaded
All my defenses are on stand-by
And your objection is duly noted
But the temperature is getting pretty high

Is it gettin hot in here? Is it gettin hot in here?
Stand down…stand down…Yeah

You give me the same ol story
An I listen like a good enemy
But we’d better cool down the rhetoric
If we ever wanna play this century

Is it gettin hot in here? Is it gettin hot in here?
Stand down…stand down
Is it gettin hot in here? We’re gettin deadlocked in here
Stand down…stand down

But it all comes down to the numbers
Who gets what and who’s stealin my share
Wealthy players and well-to-do owners
Danny Millions and the Prime Millionaire

How much am I gettin paid?...


Written By: Murphy & White

Well I'm sorry for the pain, the pain I've caused
And I'm sorry for the love, the love that we lost
And I'm even sorry for my evil ways
And baby, maybe I'll change someday

But nothin turns to gold, nothin turns to gold anymore

I think about you now, to no end
Will these days of grief continue or end?
You're reachin out for straws that don't exist
It's too late now to explain the rest

Nothin turns to gold, nothin turns to gold anymore

Well I guess I'm sorry for you're cloudy day
But honey, what I am is what I'll always be
I'm thinkin what you need, is a little too much
You know it's gonna take a more mythical touch

Nothin turns to gold, nothin turns to gold anymore



Set List

SET LIST: Desperate Measure
Im only Lookin
Nothin’ Turns to Gold
Sinkin Ships
Midnight Rodeo
Mr Mudd And Mr Gold
Take me Back to the Show
Don’t Stop Now
Vincent Black Lightning
Subterranean Homesick Blues
And many more...