Great Seal

Great Seal

 Canton, Ohio, USA


Great Seal was formed by lead singer Zach Wolfe in 2009 after recording demos of various songs since 2005 with various members of A Minor Bird and Shaw's Landing including "Now or Never" featured in the Alive Festival's Promotions. Zach never solidified band members but used his friends in recordings and shows but wanted a more unified band dynamic. He recruited Jordan Morrison on drums and Joel Maze from various classes in the music production program at Malone University, and Matt Irving on lead guitar, a fellow worship leader at Rivertree Christian Church. They united for a show at Musica opening for Quietdrive using Zach's old recordings as a set list. The band was temporary and not intended to turn into anything for the future. After that show, all the members expressed interest in creating a band currently known as Great Seal. Between practices, shows, and writing new material, the need for fresh recordings became evident and they used the free recording time at Malone using Joel Maze as engineer followed by mixing. After year long process of recording, mixing, and mastering, they released their cd opening for Sanctus Real at Malone. They are currently based out of Nashville, TN and touring regionally, playing shows with Seabird,


"Now or Never" recorded with Seth Mosby 2006 and used for the Alive Festival's promotions in 2006 and 2007
"This is Over" demo single featured on 25th St Productions compilation album 2010
"Educated Fools" released in September of 2011

Set List

Out set usually contains:
- This is Over
- Eternity
- Educated Fools
- Capitol City
- Scared to Death
- Now or Never
This set roughly runs 30 minutes.