Great Slide

Great Slide


original music for the mind, body and soul


The Great Slide is a four piece ensemble that operates out of a customized space that functions as a recording and rehearsal facility in the mountains of Asheville, NC. Through the use of a multi- instrumentalist lineup, the band works from a diverse palette of sounds. This creates a strong musical foundation which allows for creative vocal concepts. The music lives in the place between the song and the experiment. This is where The Great Slide becomes a collective movement.


Frenchy EP
Maynard EP
Disco Ball EP

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Set List

All original music with few covers:

Endless Whenever
Son Spots
Your Face
Love Goat
Cellophane Rip
Thyme 2 Dye
Our Exit
The New Come On
Dee-litefully Yours
Quick Breath
Chicken Shack
March of Time
The Waltz
Sideways Leaves
Waiting for the Day