Great Society

Great Society


We write super awesome songs and play our live shows with so much energy, it'll even make your grandma get up and shake her booty!


We, Great Society, are a three piece band from Athens, GA. All of us have been playing in different bands since high school and just thought it natural to try and form a group when we started college at the wonderful University of Georgia in the world class music town of Athens. We went through a few different iterations of bands, the most interesting being an 80's rock influenced group led by frontman Patrick Lake from American Idol. But we soon grew tired of a lax work ethic and a stagnant pace, which led Josh to write and record the first four songs in 2006 for what would come to be known as Great Society. Now that we have all graduated from school, we have decided that Music is all that really matters, and it is in our hands to make it happen!

Influenced by 80's rock, good pop music, and a heavy dose of Weezer-esk and Greenday-ish sounds, our music is a refreshing mix of catchy nerd rock songs that combines elements of rock, new wave, and whatever else is playing on our ipods (or iRivers) at the time to create our own blend of Rock.

We have had the current three piece lineup since 2007 and have managed to create quite a following in our hometown of Athens by impressing every crowd we play for and sharing the stage with local favorites (i.e. Blue Flashing Light, Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings) and national touring acts (De Novo Dahl, Parachute Musical) at the popular 40 Catt Club and Tasty World, and having a song selected to be on the Athfest 2007 Vol 2 Compilation CD.

We have played over 40 shows in Athens and around Georgia. We love playing live for new crowds and familiar faces. Listen to our tunes on the web and look for our full length in early '09 that we will be recording at Theocracized Studios soon. Thanks for checking us out!


Theocracy EP - 2008

Revolving Doors EP - 2007

"Keira" selected for the Athfest 2007 Compilation 2
"Keira" receiving airplay on internet radio station The Georgia Jukebox

Set List

We usually play around 40 minute sets, consisting of 10-12 original songs and we may throw in a cover.

Possible original songs:
Something Like Love
99 Bottles of Beer
Same Old Thing
Life is Good
My Favorite Enemy
New Medicine
Great Big World
Goods on my back
Out in the Blue
Hold me Down
On the Edge

We may play a cover every now and then:
Blondie - Call Me
Weezer - Say it ain't so, El Scorcho, Sweater Song
The Cure - Just Like Heaven
The Cars - Just What I Needed, Let's Go!
Greenday - Just about any song