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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Emerging Artists"

Whilst 'still' waiting to release a record, Greco G. serves us with something practical and satisfying. These three tracks off of the self-released EP provide us with cinematic pads and silky textures that manifest with San Francisco's carefree underbelly. Serge Garcia, the driving force behind the music, explains: “Essentially, I just like the idea of being romantic and simple and honest and appreciating the beauty of what’s around you,” at which point Garcia can’t help but chuckle: “God, I from San Francisco!” Indeed.

— Stuart Berman, January, 2009 - Pitchfork

"MP3 of the day"

Local artist Serge Garcia, also known by his alias Greco G. grabs beats and rhythms from around the world, mashes leftfield sounds (like asteroids falling from videogame galaxies), and creates a dreamy dance world unparalleled in this city. Greco G.'s live shows are where it is at. If you get a chance to check the live outfit Garcia has organized cancel your dinner plans for a party you wont wanna' miss.
You can sneak preview the Greco G. song "H.C.k" here. -- Jennifer Maerz - SF Weekly

"Top 10"

While this is undoubtedly a suite of electronic music made for the club, Greco G.'s self released EP feels as though mastermind Serge Garcia has gone out of his way to make sure it won't get shelved as "just another dance record." - XLR8R


A while back, we posted a slew of Lemonade remixes - including a remix of "Blissout" by Soft Things. Lucky us, the mastermind behind San Francisco-based Soft Things sent along a new track, "Bazaaj", under his own moniker Greco G. Despite its frenetic name, "Bazaaj" is glacial and fluid like Gui Borrato's "Take My Breath Away." While slowly building an ambient soundscape from layers of lush, dreamy electro-pop and 4/4 techno beats, Bazaaj" drops you headfirst into another type of "blissout" that is 100 % tranquil, cool and calm.

PSSST If you are in San Fran this Friday, Greco G. is playing at the Mezzanine with electro pioneer Thomas Fehlmann (Kompakt) and Gudrun Gut (Einstürzende Neubauten). Definitely worth checking out if you can.



Released 'Acts EP' spring 09'



Serge Garcia is the driving force behind Greco G. As producer/songwirter, he has taken his love for dreamy pop music and married it to a 4/4 beat. At face value, and even on a first impression Greco G. finds its place amongst your present favorites, even without delving too deep into Garcia's cinematic melodies. Greco G's arrangements are deceiving in their suggestion of simplicity, entirely natural of flow but surely crafted so very meticulously to deliver such semblances.

San Francisco, Garcia's base of operations, often conjures up images of psychedelic, polysexual, hippie-dippy; Garcia has somehow managed to distill all of this into listenable electronic music. “Obviously, the experience of living in San Francisco has a very strong effect on my material,” says Garcia. “The city is beautiful, the weather is great, life is great, our friends are great . . . but it can also be a trap: When all anyone really wants to do is hang out and get high, it can be hard to get things done.” Hoping to avoid the pitfalls of inertia that have stopped so many other San Fran bands from breaking out, Garcia is turning his attention to the cities of Berlin and Stockholm, making both vibrant locations his new base of operations later this year.

As a live unit, Greco G. performs more like an indie-rock band inviting drummer Rob Kuntz to illuminate Greco G's 4/4 techno beat, and Adam Iscoff to perform synth duties.
Whilst waiting to release an album Greco G. will hit the road this summer playing dates in the U.S. and Europe.