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Need music for all hustlers in all walks of life. From a mixture of party, d-boy music bass rattling, hood fabulous, more than your average indie music. To sum it up, if your looking to really satisfy a mixture you've come to the right place. Famous!!


"Getting Richer by Earning Every Day" Greed, also known as Darius Hammond, is a Hip-Hop MC/Producer born and raised in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) location. Well known for his ability to make you think and understand his mentality: not to mention party, Greed literally "Goes Hard" with intentions to bring light to the DMV.

Influenced in his early years by the west coast gangster rap tunes, such as: MC Eiht, E-40, Spice 1, Tupac Shakur, and Tha Dogg Pound; Greed shortly adapted to the ways of the east coast and southern rap scene. Grasping the techniques of highly successful artist such as: Redman, Nas, EPMD, Scarface, Devin Tha Dude, and KRS-1; at age 18, Greed decided that it was time to develop his own style of music.

“Nothing is impossible except failure” is a motto that Greed lives by. A working machine, Greed continues to have his hands on everything. With just finishing his debut album titled “My 365 Grind” under Da Worlds Most Famous LLC, which Greed is a part owner, and successfully completing and featuring on multiple mixtapes, let’s just say; that Greed is dedicated to reaching success with his musical compositions. Not only is he a hard working artist, but he is also a model citizen as well. Greed’s upcoming ventures include a Hip-Hop/Rap concert that he is hosting to raise finances for a non profit homeless shelter based out of Laurel, MD.

As for now, look for Greed to continue to push toward a dream of success. Currently in the process of finishing up his second album, mix tapes, and running an independent label. Greed‘s music has been published in Canada‘s Peace Magazine and DC‘s Crank Music Magazine, and he has also been interviewed on 1010 WOLB located in Baltimore, MD. Not to mention his music is currently in heavy rotation on internet radio as well. The true definition of a “go getter”, Greed is one that you will hear from for many years. "The American Dream" as normally stated can be considered to most as the peak of success, but for Greed that is only the beginning.



Written By: Greed

Hook x3
call me supafly
be on my grind
baby you no the time

verse #1
now what you wanna do
baby just me and you
we can do th dew
baby come join my crew
no its me and you come on
let's take a ride
crusin on 95
baby lets see the shine
of the sun we walk walking down the park
me and you u know we'll do it till its dark
on the grind with me
im tryin to get a g
stack it up till mills baby u know its me
they call me supafly
baby you know the time
we can take a stroll
and I can show you signs
girl you know your mine so theres no need to lie
we can take a trip to the place where I reside
crusin the city streets bangin these bangin beats
we could park the car
pull up the front seats
now you could let me teach
so there no need to speak
no who it is yes babygirl its

Hook x2

verse #2
wont you hit lights and let me make its right
baby close your eyes and relax your mind
ima take my time cause im g I do it like was
was suppose to be
baby you and me
we should take a cruise
no need to look back cuz baby
whats to lose
im on my grind you know
hustle for this cash
gotta get it fast
no telling if I last
if you on my team baby come join me
and if you got some friends baby
come join me
you know just what we do when a g a work
I make your body scream and make your body twirk
although im not a flirt I can make it hurt
in a good way and not a painful way
make the stars shine and make the bright rise
so tell me girl who am i
who am i

Hook x2

verse #3
so whats the move the future looking bigger than the moon
and i could take you to the stars
and have you back before noon
give you something to speak about when you are with your friends and when you done with them hit me up and we can do it again
time is essential cuz what we got is more than monumental
so forget about your issues everytime I come and get you play the game with no official
that mean we do it different but its smooth
just listen to the tune
and tell me how you feel
patron on chill if you dig it
got my mind on money but its room
if you wit it
keep it real no gimmick
im tryin to reach that percy miller livin on mills no limit
do it till your satisfied whatever that is
and while you do it big
ima handle my biz
i always get it in and do it till the end
now whisper in my ear tell me who am i again

Hook x3


Currently I have released one single "Supafly",which is off my freshman release "My 365 Grind". It is now in rotation on Saturdays on 1010 WOLB. I am also in rotation on Jango Radio, which is a internet radio website.

Set List

My set list varies, depending on the venue. Its more like what I think the crowd needs. As for the length of my set list, it all depends on how long my slot is for. If you need me to pull a all nighter, no problem. If you need me to take up 15 minutes, no problem.