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"Greedy White Citizens-Join The Cause"

Greedy White Citizens
Matt Schultz-vocals.
Austin Bolen-Guitars.
Chris Sincavage-Bass.
Alex Gray-Drums.

...And I wonder if I will make the 'Folks We Dig' section of their website for doing a write up on them. I have never been on anybody's 'Folks We Dig' section. Isn't it cute? Atlanta Music Guide gets on the 'Folks We Dig.' I like Atlanta Music Guide, but it is simply that and that alone-a guide. It lets you know when and where the show is, that is it. Maybe they will write up a special section for me that says-goddess of local atlanta webzines. But here I am making it all about me. Makes me GREEDY-which, by the way, is my favorite Greedy White Citizens song. And about half of Atlanta loves that fucking song too. So let me show you how I am different, I am going to tell you why. It is fucking hooky, catchy, gritty, real, and grunge. It is time for grunge, in all of it's glory, to make a comeback. -Nirvana was the most interesting thing to happen to music since the seventies. The band pioneered a massive movement and spawned all sorts of brilliant bands within the genre-Alice in Chains, Sound Garden, Rage Against the Machine, and Pearl Jam immediately come to mind as being the big ones. -Grunge survived the nineties and became this fucked up thing called post-grunge. I have come to the conclusion that writers have to make up different genres so it doesn't sound like we are all writing about the same old shit. -So back to GWC. In Matt Schultz, we don't have a growler, we have an actual singer with an extended vocal range-as in Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell. He has high charisma and energy onstage-and in Eddie Vedder. He knows how to work his crowd-as in Phil Anselmo. That is a hell of a formula, combined with a high energy assault theme like Greedy White Citizens-Schultz heads up the anti-rap movement in Atlanta. By this I mean, he can actually sing-and there are musicians who can actually play their instuments in his band. And the GWC movement likes him. -Austin Bolen has a playing style and stage presence that remind me of this fucked up combination of Tom Morello and Joe Satriani. Laid back and intense. I have watched him entirely evolve over the last three years into a stage musician that is becoming somewhat incredible. Locally, he reminds me a lot of Jack Andrad from The Uncrowned.
Alex Gray on the drums might as well be Sully from Godsmack. Sully plays the fucking drums. Why Sully? I love Sully, and it's all about me. I don't always love Godsmack, but I love Sully. -Chris Sincavage on bass is my favorite in GWC. He is the thunder, and the motivator behind the sound, the crowd, and the venue. He has a HUGE stage presence for a bass player. He comes closest to the other bass playing love of my life-Frankie Bello. Bello MADE Anthrax, and Sincavage MAKES GWC. -GWC is a movement. It is high assault grunge with a massive following in the Southeast. GWC FORCES you to fall in love with the Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Sound Garden and Pearl Jam influenced sound. Right now, they are something different, something special, and on the move. -I could easily see them on Virgin opening for The Exies and The White Stripes. And remember, you heard it here first.

This article was written by:
Barbara Fara
Music Incider Magazine
- Music Incider Magazine


Full length Album, "Stereotype"
Streaming tracks can be heard on our website ( and myspace ( We have received airplay from Atlanta based 96Rock, 105.3The Buzz, and Project 9-6-1.



Formed in 2003 in Atlanta Georgia, this hard hitting
quartet has always meant business. They started where most do, practicing in a basement and playing at local parties. They were discovered by Fast Forward Mgmt. President, Nina Baldridge at a high school battle of the bands. Since then they have created and released a full length CD, 2 MTV quality music videos , a full length DVD and expanded touring into 6 major Southeastern markets. Their debut CD release "Stereotype" features ten songs with infectious melodies and cutting edge guitars. Recorded and produced by Zack Odom, this album is all pro from note one to finish. Their DVD Compilation includes 2 Music Videos, Tour Footage and a look inside the making of the record and the music video "Addiction". They play to packed houses in Atlanta and Athens,
their fans jumping tirelessly with them throughout
their performance. Live footage and music videos are viewable at and .

"(on air) takes alot to impress me....these guys are absolutley awesome..."-
- Aaron Hickman- Project 96.1

"(at Atlantis 2005)...Your guitarist is a rock star."-
Noel Golden, Producer: Matchbox 20, Sister Hazel, Edwin Mc Cain

"(on air)...Let's play some Greedy White Citizens....I saw them at Earthlink Live.....I dig it!"-
-English Nick - 96 Rock

"...I gotta tell you it is really really great stuff. Musically and sonically it sounds phenomenal!!!"
Tom Baker, Mastering Engineer: Stone Temple Pilots, Nine Inch Nails, Sevendust
- Precision Mastering Los Angeles

* Chosen for 2004 MTV Buzz Before Break Tour

* 2004- Winners of the Mainstage II Competition

* Chosen to perform at Atlantis Music Conference
2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007

* Featured Artist

* Rock 104- Gainesville, 99X- Atlanta, on air interviews

* Band of the Month -

"..they are something different, something special and on the move!"
- Barbara Fara- Music Incider/