Green Eggs and Sam

Green Eggs and Sam


"A sound that is equal parts funk, rock, blues and country. . . . Their music is diverse, so why shouldn't their fans be as well?" - The Washington Post


"Witty . . . entertaining . . . upbeat . . . anything but ordinary."
- The Washington Post (Nov. 15, 2004)

"Clever . . . politically incorrect . . . a breath of fresh air in this town."
- The Washington Post (July 23, 2003)


Green Eggs & Sam is one of the hottest new jam bands in Washington, DC. The trio began in the winter of 2002 when two ordinary Budweiser-drinking guys adopted Sam. In no time, the band’s greasy, deep-fried funk spread through the DC metro area faster than a McDonald’s class-action lawsuit.

Green Eggs & Sam has a raunchy, groovy flavor somewhere between rock, blues, funk and country – a reflection of the group’s diverse background.

Sam began his musical career as a blues harmonica player and classical guitarist. His influences range from Howlin’ Wolf to Villa Lobos. Sam’s favorite album is Jimi Hendrix’s “Band of Gypsys.”

Mike was playing piano before he could speak and picked up bass at 10. He’s played in every kind of band imaginable – rock, blues, concert, jazz, even church. The highpoint in his life was meeting Victor Wooten in 1998. Other influences include Les Claypool, Flea, Cliff Burton, Stuart Hamm, Jack Johnson, Tool, Metallica, Lowest of the Low.

Scott’s percussion career goes back to high school band. In college, he studied jazz, and the genre has heavily influenced his drumming style. Today, Scott cites Carter Beauford, Stewart Copeland, Grateful Dead, Phish, Allman Brothers and Dave Matthews as his primary influences.



Written By: Sam Ryan

Welcome to Wendy’s, may I help you please?
Yeah, fix me up a burger with cheese,
Biggie coke, biggie fries. I think I’d like to …

Supersize (3x)

Burgers are better when the big is big
I like my patties with extra pig,
Value meal, number four. Quarter pound don’t cut it, I want more.
To each and each and each his own,
One man’s meat is another man’s bone.
I like big booty and getto thighs
That’s why I got to …

Supersize (3x)

South of the border, on the run,
You got to think outside the bun,
Yo quiero Taco Hell. Dig it, Paco, ring the bell.
Double decker taco supreme,
Tostada enchillada quesadilla and beans,
Seven-layer nachos, piled high
That’s what I’m talking ’bout …

Supersize (3x)

Once upon a time there were three little pigs.
Two were fat, one was thin,
They built three houses, one out of mud,
The other was brick the last was wood.
One day a hunry wolf came to town,
He huffed and puffed, blew them houses down.
It don’t take three pigs to make a piggy pie,
But the wolf in the story liked to …

Supersize (3)

And the fork ran away with the spoon.

Acapulco Red

Written By: Sam Ryan

Acapulco Red

Ain’t that the lovliest Acapulco red
Ever burned against the sky?
I’ll take another … hit
Are we in heaven
Or just that high?
Come on, pass that spliff
Another toke,
It’ll be alright.

Beautiful summer night
In Mexico
The sand is warm,
Ocean’s all aglow.
All my troubles to the wind
The night is Acapulco red.

Came to this town
Seems a life ago,
To leave my troubles behind
I’ll take another … hit
She left me, I don’t know why
Come on, pass that spliff
Another toke,
it’ll be alright.


Guess all good things
Must come to an end
She never even said goodbye
I’ll take another … hit
Helps to get me
Through the night
Come on, pass that spliff
Another toke,
It’ll be alright.


Fat Lucy

Written By: Sam Ryan

She was a big fat bong, wish you coulda seen her
I built her out of a vacuum cleaner
She’ll make a stoned man deaf, the dumb stone blind
I'm jones’n for chili cheese fries
Nervous sweats, paranoia
Fat Lucy’s a brain-cell destroyer

Called her Fat Lucy on account of her size
She was three feet tall and twice that wide
An industrial vacuum cleaner
Makes the grass that much greener
She’ll blow your mind like a bazooka
Lip the hose, suck that hookah

Googoo gaga, talk like a baby
Take you back to the nursery grade.
Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man
She’ll bake your brain like an egg in a pan
Roll it, pat it, mark it with a B
Put in the pipe for Lucy and me.


Our Debut CD, "Supersize," contains 12 orginial tracks that are sure to get you grooving.

1. Supersize
2. Spinning
3. Acapulco Red
4. The Road
5. Fat Lucy
6. Ode to Britney
7. Soldier On
8. Intermission
9. Funky for My Monkey
10. The Garden
11. Spinach
12. Portrait of a Loser

Set List

We have over 40 songs in our repertoire. Our sets are about an hour in length. So we can easily handle a three-hour gig or longer. We play a lot of original material, as well as covers. Here are some of our covers:

Mr. Wendell
Up on Cripple Creek
No Woman, No Cry
Shakedown Street
Stir It Up
Funky Bitch
Dead Flowers
Boogie On Reggae Woman
For What It's Worth