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Wantagh, New York, United States

Wantagh, New York, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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Somehow I keep thinking of Michael Jackson whenever I read the title of the disc. But really, Greener is, quite simply put, awesome. It's been a while since an alternative rock band has captured my attention. It brings me back to the mid-90's when rock music on the radio was actually pretty good. Forming in 2001, the New York based, Greener, has been rocking the scene with 3 independent releases thus far; with their latest being "Weekend Thriller." If I had to describe this band, I would say that they are a healthy blend of hard rock, along with a subtle pop influence. -

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Weekend Thriller(2003)
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After listening to the title track off of greener's debut CD "Weekend Thriller," if you don't feel as if you flipped off your ex, then you must not have a middle finger.

So if that's not your situation, then you realize what this band is about. Since its 2001 inception, greener has gone through 25 trashed fully recorded songs, two set in stone line-up additions and one self-produced rock 'n roll road-enraged debut CD.

"Weekend Thriller" is a car crash of sonically inspired Pink Floyd, Def Leppard, Nirvana, the Foo Fighters and Incubus influences. Differing from the self-titled greener E.P. released in 2002, which was primarily a Troy Polsley (vocals, Bass) and Jason Cohen (guitar) project, "Weekend Thriller" is a full-fledged group effort, with the completeness of Will Shelley (bass) and Mike Kardis (drums).

At its most self-induced chaos, the CD overflows with feelings of insecurity, anger and love lost. "Failure," "Hate Song" and "Little" are sure candidates for dredging up memories of failed relationships. But in other tracks such as "Hurricane" and "Big Star," there is a subtle sweetness and longing for better things.

Many of the emotions captured on the CD are not only found in well-woven lyrics but also in Polsley's vocal style. As if schizophrenic, Polsley's voice has a duality that at one moment gives you the comfort of a child, and then in the next cuts your heart out with a spoon. "My style came naturally from the type of music we play," says Polsley. "It developed over time during our last recording, where Jay and I both sang vocals".

Cohen now puts more emphasis on coloring the soundscape with guitar. "Now that I am not singing most of the time I had the freedom to give more attention to what I was playing for this CD," said Cohen. "I was able to experiment with a few effects and some melodic passages, which you can hear on 'Hurricane' and 'Overgrown'." This newly found emphasis not only compliments Polsley's guitar playing but also expands the range of the CD's musicality, carving a grittiness into it.

Much of the weight from the CD is carried by Mike Kardis' relentless heavy-handedness. "I bang things, then I play drums," said Kardis. Noting sarcastically, that even in an emotionally charged environment there is always room for levity. But Kardis' playing is no joke. With songs like "Failure" and "Weekend Thriller," Kardis shows that heavy hands can be swift and beautiful.

In the Spring of 2004, after the dpearture of bass player, William Shelley, the band added guitar player Ian Tauber and Polsley moved to back to his bass playing birth place.

For these Long Island, NY natives, 2004 is laden with flourishing fervor. Greener’s eagerly awaited self-recorded and produced debut CD "Weekend Thriller" will be released independently on Fancy Pants Records this fall, with drum production by Mike Sapone of Sapone Productions (Brand New, Taking Back Someday, Ultra X). According to Polsley, "This CD is a depiction of everyday relationships. We hope we can reach our audience with that."

They will not have to reach too far.