Green Frequency

Green Frequency

 Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Green Frequency is psychedelic, blues, metal; original, progressive rock lead by guitarist Adam Newell (who you truly have to hear to believe) and supported by a solid drum and bass rhythm section. Words can't do this band justice. Listen to the music!


Green Frequency is a three piece ensemble consisting of guitarist / vocalist Adam Newell, bassist / vocalist Keith “Daemon” Braaten and drummer / percussionist Sharkbone Thompson. Their sound is comprised of many different styles from blues, funk and rock to jazz and metal.

They perform originals in the spirit of Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Guns n’ Roses, Type O Negative, Rush and Tool. Each and every live show is a unique and energetic experience. A growing arsenal of songs and a fresh repertoire ensure a great night of live music. They have played many shows in the Rhode Island area and are always looking to play new venues and connect with new audiences. They perform pure all organic live rock n’ roll music and keep the spirit of original rock alive. Words cannot do this band justice. Listen to the music!!


Demo (3/3/12)

Set List

01. Segway (4:07)
02. Derailer (5:03)
03. So Deep (4:05)
04. Monster Funk (4:40)
05. Jack the Killer (6:39)
06. Funk Magic Rock n Roll (4:20)
07. Immigracion (6:50)
08. Save Me (4:49)
09. Naturally Negative (13:29)
10. Paper Lies (5:06)
11. Goblin (4:47)