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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
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"The Buzz about Green Golly!"

“ … more than just a music CD album for kids age 4-10. It's an introduction to classical music, Part fabulous story, part sampling of legendary works … Flute Sweet & Tickletoon in Green Golly & Her Golden Flute is highly recommended both as a gift to young music lovers and to public library children's music CD collections.”
Midwest Book Review, the Music Shelf

“This could be a classic.”
Steven Peterman – Executive Producer Hannah Montana

"Although intended for a younger set, listeners of all ages will enjoy this delightful adventure in both story and song."
Dr. Flora Joy, Parents' Choice Awards, 2011

“I have just recently finished listening to a really creative new CD which debuts May 11th, Green Golly and Her Golden Flute by Flute Sweet & Tickletoon. I have always had a love for classical music which my boys do not share. However they were so enthralled by the story that they listened and laughed the whole time (well the 4 year old listened and the 2 year old laughed whenever his older brother did). A very charming CD!”

“ … Enter the New York based husband and wife team Barbara Siesel and Keith Torgan (AKA Flute Sweet & Tickletoon) and their new CD Green Golly and Her Golden Flute. They are here to help create life-long classical music lovers even out of the squirmiest of kids (and maybe even husbands).The CD has a run time of 57 beautiful minutes and is geared toward kids ages 4-10.Barbara and Keith, through their zany storytelling (Korsakov? Of course-akov!) expose kids to a nice handful of the world's greatest composers: Mozart, Mendelssohn, Korsakov, Schubert, Gossec, Elgar, Bizet, Chopin, and Copland (yeah, I'm a name-dropper).Green Golly & Her Golden Flute" makes classical music less intimidating and more exhilarating for burgeoning young music connoisseurs.”

“Flute Sweet & Tickletoon have found a way to combine classical music, storytelling and comedy and make it an enjoyable experience for children of all ages. Green Golly & Her Golden Flute is a clever spoof of the story of Rapunzel … performed beautifully on the flute by Barbara Siesel with piano accompaniment by Jessica Krash. Keith Torgan does an amazing job narrating the story and bringing the characters to life. His comedic energy captures your attention right from the beginning and keeps you fully engrossed throughout. We enjoyed the story immensely and what a fun ending! The music is simply beautiful to listen to. I will put it on just to listen and relax. What a fun way to introduce your children to the joy and enchantment of classical music. Although intended as a children's CD this is one to be enjoyed by all - young or old.”
Candid, Clever and Cost

“This CD, Flute Sweet & Tickletoon in Green Golly & Her Golden Flute is truly like nothing I’ve shared with you before. It’s intended for ages 4-10, and is 57 minutes of awesome.”
The Opinionated Parent

“I loved this CD. It is stated for ages 4-10 years. My 11 and almost 16 year old girls and myself all enjoyed it. I had it playing over several days and my girls as well as a child I babysit listened to the story. The flute playing was enchanting and woven throughout the story. I love the underlying story that you can make the best of any situation. This would be a great story to play in the car on a long road trip.”
Scraps of

“The story is absolutely hilarious. We were driving the first time we listened to it and I was cracking up, rolling … I kept asking the girls, did you hear that? Did you hear that part? Keith Torgan is so wonderful as the story teller, his voice, his expressions, absolutely perfect! Let’s not leave out Jessica Krash, the pianist. She added so much with her playing. This CD is an awesome way to introduce children to classical music without them saying ”Mom, turn on Hannah Montana, this is boring.” I promise, I didn’t hear that once! One other thing I totally loved about this CD was that at the end, each of the songs that are used for the story line is played on its own. I’ll admit it. I’ve totally popped that in at night when I’m sitting here and listened to it on my own. They are gorgeous classics that you will know and love. Green Golly & Her Golden Flute is by far my favorite. I adored it!”
The 24/7

“Whether or not this CD will convert your child to a classical music fan is questionable; however, it is a wonderful reminder that a good story, well told and suitably adorned with appropriate music is entertaining no matter in what age you live.”
Richmond Parent Monthly

“I absolutely adore this CD. I LOVE that it combines beautiful classical music with a wonderfully entertaining story. It really is delightful. The music itself is very well done. The storytelling is completely engaging. All three of my kids really loved listening to Green Golly & Her Golden Flute. My sons listen to stories on CD at bedtime sometimes and they have requested this CD several times since it arrived. I definitely recommend Flute Sweet & Tickletoon!” (from Canada)
Wellsphere, Health Knowledge Made Personal

“This amusing CD introduces children to classical music through the story of Rapunzel. With Keith Torgan narrating and playing the guitar, and Barbara Siesel playing the beautiful flute (along with pianist Jessica Krash), kids will delight in the works of classical composers like Mozart, Mendelssohn and Chopin while being caught up in a delightful tale!”
Susan Heim on Parenting - Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Parenting author and editor, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

“fun, funny and very entertaining. I don't know where or how my son became a lover of classical and opera music, but it is just fine with me! If you enjoy reading books with your child, you will absolutely love listening to Green Golly & Her Golden Flute with them.”
Ma 21

“This is a CD that will be heading with us into the car. I know the boys will love to hear the story over and over and perhaps the music will help them to play nicely – a girl can dream right?”
The Angel – June 1, 2010

“Green Golly & Her Golden Flute combines classical music, humor, and amazing storytelling in a children’s CD. Green Golly (by Flute Sweet and Tickletoon also known as Barbara Siesel and Keith Torgan) introduces children to classical music in a way that my children have never experienced. Green Golly takes the much loved tale of Rapunzel and gives it a new and refreshing twist…

On a car ride to the grocery store I decided to pop in the Green Golly CD for my youngest children. Honestly I expected them to ask me to turn on their music, but was amazed to look back a few minutes into the CD to see them completely engaged and enjoying the funny story and beautiful music! …

… I knew Green Golly was a hit when we arrived at the grocery store and my son told me—“No mom I not go in…I listen to this.” I can only assume that meant he liked it!”
Misadventures in Baby Raising – Friday, May 28, 2010

“The first half is a beautifully told/performed tale of Green Golly and her Golden Flute. … It is never too early to expose your children to the joys of classical music. It might be going overboard to put earphones up to a pregnant belly, but playing a lovely album like "Green Golly and Her Golden Flute" for your little ones is a great idea. … Even if you are not knowledgeable about classical music, this CD is an easy choice.”
Singing in the Bathtub - Thursday, May 20, 2010
Excerpted from “I Don't Think Einstein Was That Great of a Musician”
by Nick Deysher

“Keith Torgan is the narrator of the story and does an amazing job of appealing to young children. He has a grand storytelling voice and says the silliest things with such majesty that it’s hard not to be completely captivated. Then there’s Barbara Siesel on the flute and as the voice of Green Golly. She does a marvelous job going from a newbie on the flute to an accomplished flutist. Siesel’s performance was inspiring. She’s bound to inspire children to want to create music. A final thought on the story. You’ll never believe the twist at the end! Not your typical Rapunzel ending, at all. But fitting for Green Golly, her independence and desire to see the world and perform.”
Because Babies Grow Up - Tuesday, April 6, 2010

“Flute Sweet and Tickletoon have a CD release that you are going to love! This is an excellent way to introduce your child to classical music. This fun twist on Rapunzel would be a great gift idea for the music loving kids in your life.”
Go Graham Go – Thursday, May 06, 2010

“Siesel's musical talent with the flute is amazing! If you buy the CD only to listen to her play Flight of the Bumblebee (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov) it would be well worth the money. I never knew the flute could be played so beautifully. “
Solution Sleuth – Thursday, April 8, 2010

“A story based on Rapunzel where Rapunzel is called Green Golly and instead of singing she plays classical music on a golden flute the witch who imprisoned her gave to her, and eventually takes control of her own destiny the way every modern girl should :)

I often complain about kids stories being over-acted but this is gloriously over-acted and therefore very funny. The music is great too - Mozart, Bizet, Rimsky-Korsakov (guess which tune?) and more arranged for flute or flute-and-guitar. It's performed really well and the pieces are short and entertaining and don't get in the way.

Isabelle likes it too. She arrived home from a birthday party on Saturday saying "uuuurgh! I feel sick! I ate too many sweets!" so all she was fit to do was sit on the armchair and whinge. This kept her quiet for a while, except for the occasional shout at me when I was making too much noise cooking the dinner, and then she insisted on bringing the CD cover to bed with her to pore over.

Thumbs up!”
KidsTunes.Com – Wednesday, May 12, 2010
(This one’s from Ireland!)

“We have listened to this CD in the car, in the house, during the day, and at night time. I look forward to the continued listening of Green Golly & Her Golden Flute. The end of the story was my favorite part, it was will have to check it out for yourself!”
Coupon Clippin’ Mommy - Wednesday, April 7, 2010
- Various


A 2011 Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner
Green Golly and Her Golden Flute: An introduction to Classical Music based on Rapunzel

released May, 2010



Once upon a time (that’s how stories start), there was a girl, Barbara Siesel, and a boy, Keith Torgan. They didn’t know each other yet and, as a matter of fact, they would have many adventures on their own before they would meet. At the age of six Barbara was given a recorder and told to play – she made such beautiful music that her mom and dad bought her a flute. Encouraged by her beloved parents, who had escaped the Nazis to make a new life in New York City, she was sent for further training to the National Music Camp at Interlochen, Michigan. By the time Barbara was in the sixth grade she had decided that she would become a great flutist (or flautist if you wish) and create a wonderful life by bringing her music to many people. Her parents, who believed that, in America, anything was possible, supported her in every way. In her final year of high school, as a member of the All-City Orchestra, Barbara performed with the New York Philharmonic at Avery Fisher Hall. The next year Barbara began her studies at the world famous Juilliard School where she would have the chance to learn from the best musicians and composers of her time. She even played in orchestras conducted by such musical legends as Aaron Copland and Leonard Bernstein.

Now the boy, Keith, loved to sing and dance – he’d stand on an ottoman in the family living room singing Broadway show tunes for an imaginary audience. The “Keith Torgan Show” usually culminated in his pièce de résistance, “There’s A Place for Us” from West Side Story, delivered supine, from the living room carpet with Keith’s hand held out to an imaginary Maria moments before he dramatically expired.

This was great preparation for Keith’s grown-up theatre studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Circle in the Square Theatre Workshop in New York. One day in acting class his teacher, aware that Keith played guitar, asked him to improvise music to motivate a scene a couple of other young actors were doing. The teacher was so impressed by Keith’s musical skills that he invited him to work as a composer at the much-acclaimed Williamstown Theatre Festival. The whims of fate and good luck found Keith, at a tender age, composing the score for a show starring Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom, Blythe Danner, and Academy Award nominee Frank Langella.

More fate and luck intervened when Keith discovered how much fun it was to perform for children. Keith founded Sneakers: The Music Company for Kids, and became part of the trio of “Morgan, Torgan and Teri” for whom he wrote all the songs for The Morgan, Torgan, and Teri Show and There’s Always a Dragon to Slay. After spending some 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 50 weeks a year for six years with this trio, Keith felt it was time for a break – a break that lasted six years.

Meanwhile Barbara was playing her flute in the great concert halls of the world: Alice Tully Hall and Avery Fisher Hall in New York City, The Great Hall in St. Petersburg, Russia, and other principal halls in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Spain. Driven by a passion for new music, she created a festival for contemporary music called the Storm King Music Festival where new works by composers like Tan Dun and Pulitzer Prize winner Aaron Kernis were introduced to the public for the first time. Barbara also discovered that she possessed a natural gift for teaching music and soon accepted a position teaching at Colby College in Maine.

Our story returns to Keith Torgan who, you will recall, had taken a sabbatical from children's performances and was now selling Jeeps. Now you must remember that Keith was basically the same little boy we met earlier, singing from the carpet, and he soon developed a reputation as the Singing Car Poet. He wrote clever songs about all the cars he was selling and even more clever songs about his customers. However, car lot serenades did not assuage the sense of loneliness that began to fill Keith’s heart. One evening, on a computer dating site, he came upon a woman who’d traveled the world making music with her flute. He was so taken by her that he requested a meeting. It was love at first sight! Even though they knew they were perfect for each other, Keith was scared to share his songs with this seriously trained and accomplished musician. Barbara, in turn, was scared to listen to his songs! What a relief it was when she realized how good his songs were. Barbara was so enchanted by Keith’s work that she convinced him to “stop wasting his talent singing about Jeeps and get back in the game.”

This is how the performing duo of Flute Sweet & Tickletoon came to life. Barbara Siesel recalls, "I knew nothing about performing for children except from my days with the Lincoln Center Institute. As I got to know Keith and heard his music, I was inspired and entertained, but more importantly, I was laughing all the time at his clever lyrics and delivery. It was so wonderful to bring happiness and laughter into my music