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Greenhorse @ CAFE VAN KLEEF

Oakland, Wyoming, USA

Oakland, Wyoming, USA


Big Horn, Wyoming, USA

Big Horn, Wyoming, USA

Greenhorse @ THE WYO THEATER

Sheridan, Wyoming, USA

Sheridan, Wyoming, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Very relevant sounding, very very hip, very modern...very sophisticated stuff" - Russ Davidson Z94 FM

I feel a Marmite moment coming on. I don’t like Marmite but I admire music that evokes Marmite-style reactions. Nothing is worse than bland in my view and Greenhorse are certainly not that. This is high energy electro-pop. Forgive any offence but it is even a bit camp sounding in places. Think MGMT and you won’t be far wrong. MGMT annoy the hell out of me but I am still on the cusp of deciding about Greenhorse. But whatever I do decide I cannot dispute the fact that they are very, very good. This is polished stuff and climaxes nicely with the glorious breakbeats and cascading vocal melodies of ‘Pyscho Somatica’. Seek them out and make up your own mind.

Shane Blanchard -

Greenhorse are two bassists who met in Wyoming and have turned to synthpop as their genre of choice. Granted, it's not a typical move but it's a good one as it happens, for contained in their first release are five little gems with designs on your heart.

'Transcontinental' may be a fusion of cheesy synths and emotive vocals but it is on the whole rather glorious. After two minutes of commercially savvy electro-pop, 'Hot Nights' shifts incongruously but brilliantly into dreampop melody. 'Finally Human' smacks of 1980's teen rom-coms but its melody is unshakeable whilst 'Buried' is less dramatic but it's gentle verses and chorus are as minty fresh as the finest toothpaste. In fact, only some high-pitched 'emo' vocals on 'Psycho Somatica' spoils this otherwise perfectly formed EP.

In essence, Greenhorse are like a brasher version of Junior Boys. They certainly share their tastes for vintage synths, their music is based around the song rather than the dance and each tune is backed up my some heartfelt harmonies. -

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Transcontinental - EP



Chris and Shawn are two bassists who met in Wyoming. Following a transatlantic collaboration, while Shawn was living in London and Chris was living in LA, they formed the electro-pop duo Greenhorse.

As an electric bassist, Shawn has played supporting gigs for artists such as: Bob Dylan, Editors, The Virgins, Pigeon Detectives, Mobius Band, Keane, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Kaiser Chiefs. As a jazz bassist, Chris has performed with Pete Christlieb, Robben Ford, Ndugu Chancler, Ron King, and has regularly appeared in famed jazz clubs such as Catalina's, The Lighthouse, and The Jazz Bakery. Together, they use analog synths and wooden guitars to write their songs.