Chris and Shawn write electro-pop songs with a lyrical focus on human psychology, oceans & sunsets, life, love, nature, and death. Greenhorse is the sonic union of Prince, M83, and Beck.


Chris and Shawn are two bassists who met in Wyoming. Following a transatlantic collaboration, while Shawn was living in London and Chris was living in LA, they formed the electro-pop duo Greenhorse.

As an electric bassist, Shawn has played supporting gigs for artists such as: Bob Dylan, Editors, The Virgins, Pigeon Detectives, Mobius Band, Keane, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Kaiser Chiefs. As a jazz bassist, Chris has performed with Pete Christlieb, Robben Ford, Ndugu Chancler, Ron King, and has regularly appeared in famed jazz clubs such as Catalina's, The Lighthouse, and The Jazz Bakery. Together, they use analog synths and wooden guitars to write their songs.


Hot Nights

Written By: Greenhorse

A hot night hides this endeavor
like a haunting.
Black pines provide the security
we're wanting.
Creeping together;
sneaking among the stones.
No fright; we'll find our protection
in each other.

Room for two
within the seeming gloom.
Come withe me into the mystery.

It's our graveyard tonight and as
we hide dear,
don't mind the dead; seek the
life we're living right here and now.
Clutching each other;
kissing among the stones.
The moon's white eye is

Stop and touch me
all around
while the mist flows
all around.

Room for two
within the seeming gloom.
Come with me into the mystery.

You're just how I want to know
the unkown.
Your skin is warm and springs
quick from the bone.

Psycho Somatica

Written By: Greenhorse

Plaster me in
and begin
to get out
and enjoy
the quiet

Tie me up
and withdraw
to some
other quarter.

Take a taxi;
watch me
from the

Fly through
thick air;
call me
when you
get there.

Just don't plan on me
vanishing anytime soon.

If we quit, don't forget
I'm a part of you too.

Just don't plan on me
vanishing anytime soon.

Waiting, static,
up here in
the attic;

just don't plan on me
vanishing anytime soon.


Transcontinental - EP

Set List

Up to three 45 minute sets to be selected from the following:
Hot Nights
Finally Human
The Treatment
Psycho Somatica
Until that Day
Smile at the Rain
Song in the Key of Bwong
I Want You to Be Her
Fancy Girl
Open Up
Float You Away 10,000 Yrs
Midnight Sunrise
The Purple Bloom of Twilight
Believe It
Hello, I Hear Music
Around the World
Us vs. Us
The Optical Illusionists