Two piece indie electronic act from Denton,TX that came together 2009 and just released their debut album, "Never Look Back", in the late summer of 2012 under Globe Garage Records.


Ryan Torres and Rex Hudson came together while attending the University Of North Texas in 2009 out of their mutual love for Post-Rock and Electronic music. Their influences range from bands such as Red Sparowes, Pelican, Justice, and Ratatat. What sets Greenhouse apart from most other bands is that the eclectic nature and dueling personalities converge to compose a pop/malevolent undertone.


Never Look Back

Written By: Rex Hudson

Looking out upon the field of what lies for me
Hopes, dreams, and thoughts of living out this so-called fantasy
Tell me that I’m young now but soon you’ll grow old
That’s just not what I see
I’ll choose how to live and what to be

I never looked back, got here working to the bare bones
And I can’t remember first loves that you let go
Memories that couldn’t stand the test of time
First loves that you let go

Stepping-stones that I have walked that lead me to this place
Tripped, fallen turn black and blue
Got scars to prove my case

Nighttime Drive

Written By: Rex Hudson

Drive all night
Into the day light
Forget our ways
From our younger days
It’s alright
We’ll take this nighttime drive
It’s okay
Going to a place

She Wolf

Written By: Rex Hudson

I can hear her at my door
She’s collecting the debt to settle the score
She’s got those nails that won’t let go
And I run
But she can’t let go
So I’ll run
I’ll try to run
But she won’t let go


2012: "Never Look Back" (Released July 18, 2012) Label: Globe Garage Records

Set List

(Current Set List)

1. An Oath To Madness
2. Brace
3. Onwards
4. I am She-Wolf Breaking Down the Door
5. Pity Party
6. Tamed Desires
7. Syntax
8. All Too Common
9. Stuck In The Waiting Room
10. Friends Don't Ever Last Forever
11. Never Look Back
12. Glowstick Party
13. Dark Matter Is What Matters On A Rainy Day
14. The Better House
15. Nighttime Drive