Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect

 Vista, California, USA

Greenhouse Effect is the Original "Organized" Grunge Rock Band. Beginning in 1985, they were (And Still are today) a Simple T-Shirt Wearing ordinary dressing three piece "Indie" band (Not heavy metal). Led upfront by Heavy Loud Guitarist Phil Keegan and foundated by Lead Singing Drummer Clark Hagins


Greenhouse Effect have used their "Story" and Life-experience to become one of the Most important and Most Viewed and Downloaded Indie Bands on the internet Ever. The important Ground-breaking three piece band evolved over time as original heavy guitarist Phil Keegan exited the group in September 1990 and Drummer/Lead Vocalist Clark Hagins made the move up to frontman on guitar,...the band remained a three piece as Rick Carmody remained on bass and Drummer Marty Silva moved in. Today, Songs like "White Black Thang", "Star", "Brandy", and "22nd Street" make G.e. one of the Most Viewed and most interesting bands (And Stories) in cyberspace. Long Long before Nirvana and Green Day and Everclear,...there was Greenhouse Effect (G.e.)...


1988; Global Warming

1989; The Four Song E.p.

1990; Immorally Moral

1991; Going Legit

1992; Agenda

1992; Big Teen Dollar$

1992; The Rock Opera "White Suburban Liar$"

1994; Fountain

1995 Remixed and Remastered ; The Rock Opera "White Suburban Liar$".

Set List

1. Dead End Street
2. Subdue
3. Manipulation
4; Ben is Dead
5; Star
6; Hey (With Instrumental Improvisations)
7; 22nd Street
8; No Takers
9; It Ain't Easy
10; God's Joke ( With Long Blues Jam extended)
11; America The Beautiful
12; People (That Won't Back Down)
13; Precarious
14; The Magic Man

Encore # 1;
15; White Black Thang
16; "Brandy"

Encore 2#

Waiting For Your Love to Fail