Green Invaders

Green Invaders


Music is our food, our light, our home, our dream and the fuel of our creativity. We play music to share a part of us and maybe to try to understand what is inside us. There is always a little sound inside our head. The lyrics are dark and sad, but our music and our dreams are guided by hope.


The last year was a great creative moment for us. We spent a lot of time by working very hard on new stuff. Nine new songs were born and we are very proud. We hope to find a great place to record them very soon, but by this time, we just want to play and show the work of our last year! With the experience of few shows 2 years ago, we are now ready to come back on the stage with all our energies!

Our music is a mix of four differents spirits, with four differents views and four differents influences, but mainly we have just one goal : make some noise! Californian punk, British pop or louder grunge, we are influenced by them. Our sound is sometimes nervous, sometimes loud, sometimes full of hope and sometimes near to burst!


We recorded an homemade demo 3 years ago and now, we are ready to go in studio.

Set List

Hollow Man
Growing up
+ 9 new songs !