Destined to be the most relevant band of this millenium. No gimmicks, no makeup, no women's jeans. Just the real deal. Greenland mixes the pioneers of pop/rock of yester-year (The Beatles, Beach Boys) with those of today (U2, Radiohead).


Seems that few bands in rock today make it on musical merit alone but rather by gimmick or some hyperbolic story. Such is not true for Greenland, who plan to dominate the world with pop/rock that doesn't undermine the intellects of the harshest critics or alienate the public by being too artsy or exclusive. Winners of the first YouTube Underground video contest in November 2006 for "Best Song" - chosen by music supervisor Alex Patsavas of Grey's Anatomy and The O.C. fame - Greenland was flown to New York and appeared on Good Morning America, making their first big splash on the American front. As a result of this victory, the quintet may also have a song placed in a major motion picture or TV show later in 2007.

Like every band, Greenland is a product of its past. They adopt Beach Boys and Beatles-esque harmonies but blend them with influences ranging from Radiohead, Wilco, and Coldplay to early '90s guitar rock and '70s folk rock, the result being a refreshingly original, but not too unfamiliar sound. They are unique in having four vocalists, three of which are known to take the lead. Regardless, what stands out is an innate sense for melody, pop hooks, and catchy choruses which give Greenland's music a timeless quality that is not to be taken lightly. The buzz about Greenland is out.


The Greenland EP-2006

Just might catch "Captain Jack" or "The Way It Is" on the radio.

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Set List

Most regular songs in rotation:

Stay, Smallest Girl in History, The Communion, Captain Jack, True Love Waits, Sara, Rip Van Winkle, The Way It Is, Breakin' Down, Sleepwalking, Fragile, Dorian Gray, Oh Abby, I See Through You, Venus de Milo, What You Have Done

Covers: Baby You're a Rich Man (Beatles), Low (Cracker)

Sets vary from 30 minutes to a 1hr 15 min depending on our time slot.