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"A 'Green Lemon' is more than just a lime."

by Gregory Curry
Friday, July 1, 2005

..."I've seen quite a few live shows in Auburn, but I'd have to say this show ranked in my top three. Usually when a band plays Auburn, they bring a watered down show; but Green Lemon pulled out all the stops. Complete with a full light show that only added to the intoxicating sounds they provided. The Ft. Collins, Colorado band had Quixotes on fire Thursday night."...


"Relix Magazine - 13 Bands to Watch"

Green Lemon

"We're very different from most bands on the jamband scene. We have a cohesive sound where no one really leads and everyone is all ears," says Steve Schaben (guitar, vocals). Green Lemon dishes out organic techno spliced with reggae and funk and have quietly become one of the most touted up-and-coming bands, playing festivals as big as Wakarusa this past summer. The band has jammed with members of The String Cheese Incident, Umphrey's McGee and Galactic. Wayne Allen (guitar, vocals), Chris Cox (drums, vocals) Jesse Fioravanti (bass, vocals), Jon Cordero (keys, vocals) and Steve Schaben (guitar, vocals) could very well lead the next generation of jambands. - Relix Magazine - December/January 2006

"Wakarusa review - Chris Clark"

Jambands' March New Groove of the Month Green Lmeon was dually impressive. Although I'd heard plenty of their music beforehand, nothing on disk compared to the energy of the Oklahoma native's live show. Green Lemon revealed a high octane performance that from start to finish, never let up. Merging pumping electronica beats with smooth reggae melodies and some shredding guitar solos, thay induced a more than sizable crowd into a steady fervor making many wonder just who this band was. - 7/07/2005.

"Dear Prudence Never Sounded So Good"

The Winonan
Winona State University - Winona, MN
by Amber Dulek

Dear Prudence never sounded so good…

It was last Thursday and it was the psychedelic electronic jam band called Green Lemon at Rascal’s that covered that popular Beatle’s tune. Strobe-lights and all.

Brad Lautenschlager, a junior at Winona State University studying recreation and tourism, thought it was the best show he’s seen in Winona.

“My favorite song would be Flight of Manwe,” Lautenschlager said. “Their sound is an electric Phish-y perpetual groove jam band with a very unique sound.”

“It was really cool that Rascal’s was able to book such a tight show,” Lautenschlager said. ...

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- The Winonan

"Green Lemon's in Season"

Auburn Loafer - Auburn, AL
by Kathryn Cearley

If you want to find some great entertainment this weekend, look no further than Quixote’s this Saturday. That is where Green Lemon is playing. Yes, I know. I am so glad that they have come back to Auburn; it’s been ages since their last performance. Well, worry no more. I have it on high authority that they love us here in Auburn, because of the “good vibes and great fans… they take good care of us.” They are currently on a tour of the Eastern US, doing almost 150 shows annually.

...Fortunately, we now have the thrill and the pleasure to listen to them live, so we can make our own decisions of what is the best of the best here. Nothing beats the energy and thrill of being squished next to a couple hundred of your closest friends, sweating and dancing to a live performance by Green Lemon. So mark your calendars, brush your hair and check your breath before Saturday and head over to Quixote’s on the 4th to jam with Green Lemon.

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- Auburn Loafer

"Green Lemon Rant"

by Casey Steele

It was a packed house at Eskimo Joe’s Saturday night as Green Lemon graced the Stillwater hotspot, bringing a much needed new feel to the Eskimo Joe’s atmosphere. Combined with the invigorating array of lights and tantalizing jams the room was overloaded with energy. From start to finish the crowd was immediately consumed, leading to constant dancing and swaying that never wore out. Green Lemon’s sound brings together techno, the funky elements of rock, and not mention a hint of reggae. This band has it all. Spawning from Oklahoma City area in 1999, this Oklahoma band that now resides in Ft. Collins, Colorado has made quite an impression in the jam band community throughout the years. Hittin’ The Note Magazine said “This band is what happens when 5 guys from Oklahoma are pinned down in a collision of futuristic electronic music and the historic roots or dub reggae.” This was a one of a kind show to Stillwater, and Green Lemon will keep jamming on the road as they head up the Midwest.


"Relix Magazine - On The Verge"

On The Verge - Artists You Should Know About by Mick Skidmore

Green Lemon is a vibrant band that’s currently generating quite a buzz with its self-described “Reggadelic/Conceptual/Improv Jam” music. Whether that’s an appropriate moniker is open for debate, but the band has an almost hypnotic groove-based sound that flits across genres with reckless abandon and a sense of fun highlighted by the often-whimsical lyrics. Guitarist Lincoln Greenhaw says, “We grew up in Oklahoma without a real music subculture, so we got a chance to evolve into our thing.”
Formed in 1999, the band moved to Colorado in 2001, where it built up a steady fanbase that’s spreading regionally and nationally, thanks to many festival gigs and steady touring. On its selftitled album, Green Lemon creates tightly woven sonic soundscapes that are rich in melody and texture. Despite the fact the band cites Ween, The Cure and Talking Heads as influences, echoes of Pink Floyd and Caravan—and even the Ozric Tentacles—surface amid off-kilter but infectious rock-reggae explorations. The album boasts some memorable material, such as the progrock/ techno meanderings of “Whitecap” and “Flight of Manwe,” as well as the delicate “Dinner at Chili’s and “Cab Fare,” which segues nicely into the atmospheric “Core of Me.”
The band likes to think of itself as the spokesperson for the subconscious, Midwestern cultural landscape. Its music is certainly a melting pot of styles and ideas or, as Greenhaw puts it, “We’re kind of an elastic genre and we like to play with people’s expectations.”

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- Mick Skidmore

" - Green Lemon CD Review"

CD Review
Green Lemon
By Dave Terpeny, Kynd Music Editor

This Colorado by way of Oklahoma group has been making waves nationwide with their joyfully surrealistic music. Their self-titled debut release contains 13 energetic gems that range from an Asia-like progressive (prog) rock to tightly woven rock-reggae fare.

“Whitecap” opens up the CD with a wonderfully meandering and atmospheric sound and minimal lyrics that are phrased with a pop sensibility. It segues gently into “Mess,” a funky new wave number that combines 70’s bass-popping with some positively hypnotic keyboards.

“Los Federales,” the 11th song the disc is to me one of the best. It seamlessly blends the aforementioned prog sounds and reggae-rock, creating a wonderfully chaotic but heavily textured piece. It is a very memorable song, with tight riffs, fun percussion and subconscious tweaks. The thunderous chorus has some great phrasing and the echoing voice, reminiscent of early Bowie, is mind-bending.

When it comes right down to it Green Lemon brings me back to a conversation among friends that took place in a Bickfords restaurant at 1 am around 1990. It was a discussion, and argument, about the merits of the Grateful Dead school and the Yes/early Genesis school of music. The discussion was getting heated when one of us, and I can’t remember who, injected this thought: “man, how sweet would it be if Yes would take that wild trippy prog shit they do and just start jamming with it like Jerry?” It stopped the conversation cold and I have been searching ever since for a band that can do it. I’ve found them.

Green Lemon, at its best, takes progressive stylings, jams them like Jerry and throws in a bit of reggae just to keep it interesting. They are the band that I have been waiting for.

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- By Dave Terpeny, Kynd Music Editor

"Jambase's Favorite New Band - Green Lemon"

Green Lemon

It's been 4 years since playing the leaky garages and rickety tin shacks of their early days on the Oklahoma City countryside. Today, these five rowdy musicians can't stop packing venues in their current homebase town of Fort Collins, CO. Their music surrealistically fuses island, jam, acid jazz, funk and electronica with a stream of vocals flowing throughout that'll make your mouth water. This music is euphoric. It is no accident they've shared the stage with respected bands ranging from The Motet to Particle. There are hints of Pink Floyd, Ween, Jimi Hendrix and The Flaming Lips found within as the band is honing in on their own sound. And for such a small band, their self-titled debut album is exceptionally well produced. We're keeping an eye on Green Lemon as they have visionary and bold plans to play the Taj Mahal and eventually the moon!
Tour dates on JamBase

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"In Tune - Documenting Up and Coming Musicians and the Sounds They Create"


By Jamie Lee

Green Lemon planted its roots in Oklahoma City in 1999, and without hesitation, the quintet dove head first and without concern into the universe of traveling musicians. Little more than a year after the band took its first musical breath, it attracted over 1,200 people to its own outdoor concert, and now, in 2004, the synth-tronic sound of Green Lemon is flourishing. Now living in Fort Collins, CO, the group pushes its swirling brand of lush psychedelia, a mix that draws together the lucid meanderings of Pink Floyd and today’s burgeoning alivetronica scene.

Driven by the pulsating backbeat of drummer Chris Cox and bassist Jesse Fioravanti, Green Lemon’s self titled album sizzles with vast sonic textures that peak with the interwoven instrumentation of keyboardist Jonathan Cordero and guitarists Lincoln Greenhaw and Wayne Allen. From the album’s multi-segmented opener “Whitecap,” the essence of Green Lemon’s sound is caught somewhere between snow flurries of electronica and reverberating reggae, and the overlap of the two styles – a technology-borne blend of throbbing sounds – is the fruit of its labor. The effects-laden keyboard and guitar leads are bolstered by bouncing dub beats, and are often lifted by vocals that emerge unexpectedly after the dust clears from the massive instrumental surges. As a first offering, Green Lemon’s eponymous disc gives a lasting impression of what happens when five guys from Oklahoma are pinned down in a collision of futuristic electronic music and the historic roots of dub reggae.
- By Jamie Lee


1.) Self-Titled CD - Green Lemon/Green Lemon
2.) Single - "Shoestring"



Green Lemon found its origins in the Oklahoma City area in 1999. In 2001, they packed up their gear and headed to Ft. Collins to pursue their futures in Colorado. During the last five years, Green Lemon has captured the attention of new fans and club owners across the country. While successfully touring and playing many U.S. venues and festivals, they continue to gain regular followers from coast to coast, creating a national community of fans.

Green Lemon has been named 2004 New Home Grown Band Of The Year by the Home Grown Music Network, listed as one of the Top Bands To See Live in 2005 by, featured in Relix Magazines On The Verge column, where they were labeled A Band You Should Know About, and more recently, Relix named Green Lemon One of the 10 Summer Star Bands to Watch. They have also been awarded Independent Artist of the Year by Hapi Skratch Entertainment, New Groove of the Month by, and were asked to perform at the winner's showcase of the 2005 Jam Off in NYC, hosted by the CMJ Music Marathon and Relix Magazine. Several publications such as Spin Magazine, Hittin the Note Magazine,, and have also picked up on the buzz noting Green Lemons national popularity and recognition.

Green Lemon's original tracks from their self-titled album and their new hit single Shoestring can be heard regularly on radio stations across the nation. Their music has been described as: euphoric; trance-induced grooves; a hypnotic groove-based sound; tightly woven sonic soundscapes that are rich in melody and texture; music that surrealistically fuses island, jam, acid jazz, funk, and electronica; and a blend of trance and huge jams. reviewed their performance at the 2005 Wakarusa Music Festival stating, "Jamband's March New Groove of the Month, Green Lemon, was dually impressive. Although I'd heard plenty of their music beforehand, nothing on disc compared to the energy of the Oklahoma natives' live show. Green Lemon revealed a high octane performance that from start to finish, never let up. Merging pumping electronica beats with smooth reggae melodies and some shredding guitar solos, they induced a more than sizeable crowd into a steady fervor making many wonder just who this band was."

Green Lemon has been touring nationally since 2003, playing over 150 shows a year. They've shared the stage with the likes of Particle, Bob Weir and Keller Williams and gone on to perform at some of the nation's top festivals including 10,000 Lakes and Wakarusa just to name a few. Their constant touring has won them a loyal following from coast to coast and that fanbase is currently exploding as more and more of the uninitiated join the ranks of the Lemonheads.

The band started out in dive bars and tin shacks, but these days they grace theatres and national festivals with their ethereal presence. Their music swings from moody electronica to reggae with subtle humor and little reverence for any musical forerunner. They are reminders that old habits and genres are made to be broken as surely as New Year's resolutions. As we watch the boundaries of funk, electronic music and reggae being redrawn by these talented Midwesterners, you'll be hard pressed to find a band whose songs are more inventive. Maybe this is the cause of their abundant accolades and the reason that the national buzz about this band continues to grow.