Green Light

Green Light


Some key points of departure are: the spirituality and intense energy of John Coltrane; the psychedelic colors of Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd; the down-home soul of the Meters and Sly & the Family Stone; the groundbreaking jazz/rock/funk of Miles Davis.


Instrumental trio Green Light is drummer Adam Snow, bassist Dustin Hofsess, and guitarist Kevin Gill. This is a band that is coming from many different places musically. As a result, the Green Light audience is made up of an interesting variety of people: jazzers and rockers, the folky and the funky, hippies and computer programmers, the drunk and the devout... Each of them finds something about Green Light's music that draws them into the swirling vortex of energy that this band creates.
The group draws from a deep well of influences. Some key points of departure are: the spirituality, intense energy, and exploratory improvisation of saxophone master John Coltrane; the raw blues-rock power, and psychedelic colors of Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd; the funky rhythmic tension and down-home soul of the Meters and Sly & the Family Stone; the groundbreaking jazz/rock/funk fusion of Miles Davis; the beautiful reggae grooves of Bob Marley & the Wailers. As well as drawing inspiration from these relatively well known artists, Green Light infuses their music with sounds from all over the globe, including African, Indian, Middle Eastern, Cuban, and Brazilian musical elements.
Green Light music is powerful, raw, soulful, mysterious, spontaneous, positive and life-affirming. This is music made for people who long for originality and unadulterated creativity. To experience Green Light is to be taken on a consciousness-expanding trip.


2001--Green Light (self-titled)
2002--EP--Choopie's Theme
2003--Ep--Soul Food
2005--My Experiments With Groove
2006--{patient like the moon}

Set List

Soul Food
Sweet or Unsweet
21 Grams
Wu Wei
Keep the Faith
Where’s the Love II
Choopie’s Theme
Lydian Love
Betty Lou
Green Aura
Hooked on Fonix
Big Easy Soul
Mental Floss
When It’s Quiet We Hear Music
F Shark
My Experiments with Groove
E min Blues
7th St Strut
Falling Into Place
Fire Extinguisher
For Tony
The Night I Floated Through Jimi Hendrix's Rose Garden
For Rabih

Equinox-------------------------John Coltrane
Natural Mystic------------------Bob Marley
Have a Cigar--------------------Pink Floyd
Water No Get Enemy----------Fela Kuti
Simple Song---------------------Sly & The Family Stone
Funky Miracle -------------------The Meters
Footprints-----------------------Wayne Shorter/Miles Davis
Us and Them-------------------Pink Floyd
How’s Never--------------------Gateway
Postizo--------------------------Mark Ribot
Witch Hunt--------------------Wayne Shorter
Bird Wave------