Greenlight Caravan

Greenlight Caravan


We are an original band with a sound consisting of a fusion of funk and Rock. We've been described as everything from The Black Crowes to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Our range is broad, however, we don't fail to write songs consisting of good hooks and grooves to pull people in.


The Greenlight Caravan, a rock quintet from Lafayette, Louisiana, bring a unique sound that is current, but still pay homage to their heroes of the 60’s and 70’s. The bands lays its foundation in the roots rock tradition, but are driven by a wide spectrum of influences and effortlessly drift through genres with a slight, southern jam-band charisma. The lyrics, written by vocalist/guitarist Mark Clark, often savor an optimism that seems to parade as a vehicle for peace. Gifted with a clever imagination, he writes of a host of themes weaving riddles into tall tales with wit and honesty. Lucid reveries, twisted metaphors, spiritual imageries and earthy narratives are all present and his light sandpaper baritone is well balanced between finesse and an intense growl. Strongly influenced by the blues, lead and slide guitarist David Fontenot shines with his blended form of dynamics on extended sections. His gritty riffs, stinging bends and inventive playing are savvy accompaniments to the band’s style. He creates a successful marriage of tension, restraint and release that reverberates with layered harmonies and effects. On the low end, bassist Eric McClanahan demonstrates the necessity of a funky groove, which proves to be the token pedestal for which this band is based. His inimitable style and crafty musicianship gushes through its veins. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Eric adheres to the philosophy of serving the song, which is an exemplary formula in the realm of rock music today. He and drummer Tony Guilbeau mesh as a cohesive, vigorous rhythm section. Tony plays with an integral discipline and maturity. His sheer stamina, dexterity and enthusiasm are the pulse of their songs. Keyboardist Eugene Botts adds a strong sense of melody and atmosphere with his graceful playing sensibilities. His smooth and subtle jazz leanings on piano intertwined with lively rhythms on electric piano, organ and clavinet compliment the guitars, bass and drums.


Debut CD - Mother Earth Revival. The CD consists of 14 tracks. Various tracks play on KRVS Radio in Lafayette LA.
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Set List

An example of a 2 hour set list would be about 12 songs. 10 originals and 2 covers.

Mother Earth Revival
Paracletos' Umbrella
Spiders, Streams & Kerosene
Remedy - The Black Crowes
All These Midnight Colors
Lay Down Low
Pocket Full of Regrets
Feelin' Alright - Joe Cocker
Greasy Funk Disease
Funk #49 - The James Gang
Through the Blue
Room # 909
Up on Cripple Creek - The Band