Greenlight Graffiti

Greenlight Graffiti

 Utica, Michigan, USA

We are a pop punk/alt Detroit band. Our music has foundations of punchy riffs with catchy hooks that are sure to get suck in your head. With an exciting energetic live performance, you should pick us because, we're ready rock the crowd and blow the roof off of your next gig!


The world has been graced with Greenlight Graffiti's presence since early 2011. This band has faced adversity throughout our first year (due to line up changes) - but, that hasn't stopped GLG from performing 20+ shows, recording a 5 song demo EP, and generating a buzz around metro Detroit - and it's all thanks to our fans and supporters...WE LOVE YOU!. While no one can be sure of what the future holds for this band one thing is for certain; we will continue to write new music, and we'll continue to dish up energy soaked live performances - because that's what we love to do!


Jan. 2012

$4000 EP

1. Just Fine
2. Take it (feat. Tim Murray)
3. Sally
4. Suckciety
5. Motivation