Green Like July

Green Like July

 Provo, Utah, USA

We are a couple singer songwriters/ friends that got together and just started writing music. We explore different types of sound and are both trained in classical music as well as Jazz. We love music and hope to continue with music for a long time.


We met in Portugal while we were serving missions for our church. We started writing songs and have been playing together ever since we got back. We are fans of the great singer songwriters of our time and our influences include Bright Eyes, Damien Rice, Amos Lee, and the Beatles. What may set us apart is our faith. We both served as missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and although I wouldnt classify our music as Christian our priorities are first to the lord and then to our music.


We have just released the self titled album Green Like July and are currently selling it in Utah and Nevada. We hope to get some radio play with this song soon.

Set List

We usually start all our shows with Wicked Girl which is our upbeat Jazz song. We also play softer acoustic songs like Personification, Lay Your Head, Remember when and others. Our single and song we usually play last is called The View From your Wall. We have a lot of confidence in this song and are certain that if the right person hears it we could get some bites. Covers include Beatles songs like " I am the Walrus," Damien Rices "Delicate" and lately we have been playing an the up beat song "Grace Kelly" by Mika.