Green Man

Green Man


GREEN MAN delivers Irish/Scottish music blended with electronica, bass, drums, Eastern perc./scales, m/f lead vox, lush harmony & rock guitar. Also incorporating flute, whistle, accordion, uilleann pipes, cittern & sitar; the result is unique, exciting and true to the depth & beauty of Celtic music.


Building on traditional lyrics and melodies, Green Man's new compact disc "lovedeathbeauty" (independently released on Bad Baby Records) delivers a cinematic soundscape ranging from Celtic to Appalachian to Arabic. Dark, beautiful, layered, hallucinogenic, and smart; think 1 Giant Leap, Portishead, Massive Attack filtered through Middle Eastern and Celtic sensibilities. The result is unique, exciting and fresh.

The palette of sounds is large and varied, combining acoustic instruments (flutes, tin whistle, accordion, cittern, sitar) with contemporary (loops, techno beats, samples, sequencers, Eastern percussion/rhythms, thunderous drums, heavy rock guitars) -- all tied together with rich male/female lead vocals and lush harmonies.

While remaining true to the timeless depth and beauty of traditional Celtic music, Green Man creates a sound and mood that is decidedly their own.

The group is again joined on this album by uilleann pipes player Eric Rigler (Troy, Master And Commander, Titanic, Braveheart, The Road To Perdition soundtracks) and world percussionist Austin Wrinkle (Hands On'Semble) as well as numerous other special guests.

Live shows incorporate any combination of fire/glowstick dancing, bellydance, hula-hoops and Irish step-dancing.

GREEN MAN have shared the stage with Battlefield Band, Black 47, Celtic Soul, Cowboy Junkies, The Fenians, Gaelic Storm, Arlo Guthrie, Talitha MacKenzie, Todd Rundgren, Show Of Hands, Seven Nations, and The Young Dubliners, among many others. Martin Morrisey's dancing feet have appeared with The Chieftains and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Music Style:
Celtic / World / Electronica

Similar Artists:
Afro Celt Sound System, Dead Can Dance, Portishead, Massive Attack, 1 Giant Leap, Zero 7, Ozric Tentacles


When Love Is Done w/ The Stolen Sun

Written By: Lyrics adapted from "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" by Francis W. Bourdillon (1852-1921). Music Gree

The night has a thousand eyes The day but one But the light of the whole world dies when day is done The mind has a thousand eyes The heart but one But the light of the whole world dies when love is done

She Moved Through The Fair w/ Dolina MacKay

Written By: Traditional. Arrangement and additional music Green Man.

I once had a sweetheart I loved her right well I loved her far better than my tongue can tell Her parents did slight me for the want of some year Adieu to all pleasure since I lost my dear She went away from me and moved through the fair Where the hand-clapping dealers’ loud shouts rent the air The sunlight about her did sparkle and flame Saying it will not be long love 'til our wedding day When dew falls on meadows and moths fill the night When the glow from the creosote is half rose and half light I will slip from my casement and I’ll run away Then it will not be long love 'til our wedding day I dreamt it last night my young love came in She came creeping so softly her feet made no din She came stepping up tae me and this she did say It will not be long love 'til our wedding day

Banks of The Lee

Written By: Traditional

I loved her very dearly
Sso true and sincerely
There was no one in this wide world
I loved better than she
Every bush every bower
Every sweet Irish flower
Reminds me of my Mary
On the banks of the Lee

Don’t stay out late love
On the moorlands my Mary
Don’t stay out late love
On the moorlands from me
How little was our notion
When we parted on the ocean
That we were forever parted
From the banks of the Lee

I’ll pluck her some roses
Some blooming Irish roses
I’ll pluck her some roses
The fairest that ever grew
And I’ll lay them on the grave
Of my own true lovely Mary
In that cold and silent churchyard Where she sleeps ‘neath the dew


lovedeathbeauty (2004)
Green Man (1999)

More audio samples available at:

The band continues to receive worldwide airplay and have been frequent live radio guests including "Folkscene" with Roz and Howard Larman.

More tracks from both albums may be previewed by visiting the "Audio" page at the band's website.

Set List

Dolina MacKay
She Moved Through The Fair
Conversation With Death/Man Of Constant Sorrow
When Love Is Done
Black Is The Color
The Shiny Penny
Hendrickson Road

Sgt. MacKenzie/Field's Last Thoughts
Óró, Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile
Cold Blows The Wind
Banks Of The Lee
Herringbone Sky
Braigh Loch Iall
Toss The Feathers
I Am Stretched On Your Grave
A' Stor Mo Chroi
Bush, Bombs and Bin Laden
Anach Cuain

Generally two (2) sets @ approximately one (1) hour each. Some public domain, some contemporary original (e.g. Herringbone Sky, Bush, Bombs and Bin Laden), and some covers (e.g. Sgt. MacKenzie, Polly). Primarily Celtic/World/Electronica music with some purely traditional "stripped down" acoustic moments.