Green Milk From The Planet Orange

Green Milk From The Planet Orange


Progressive rock is not dead! We are a trio from Tokyo, Japan, unleashing our psychedelic jams of 70s inspired experimentation: long proggy songs that are druggily spaced-out and/or noisy and heavy.


In the beginning of July 2001, dead k, A and Benjian began playing together, this was the grand curtain rise of Green Milk from the Planet Orange.
They were into jam sessions and composition. Their sound style was Space Rock and Jazz/Jazz Rock at that time, but they played the 1st gig in September, also started to make "The Shape of Rock to Come". This work which included re-arranged "Switch On" by them all and the first song called "In the Space, Far Away from This Planet" by them all was spoken well among English/American web-zines and Fanzines.
They played some gigs in Tokyo after that, but they were more into spending time in the studio for exploring their musical aim. Then, they released "Birth of the Neo Trip" in October 2002 as the answer. This work was also spoken well among zines, they started to succeed in showing their evolution.
They kept playing gigs in Tokyo from the end of 2002, but when the year changed to 2003, the problem happened among the members. The bassist changed from benjian to T because of that. And the band visited Milwaukee, USA to record full-length album from the Portland based Experimental record label called Beta-lactam Ring that the band kept talked with. They recorded in Sound-Sound studio with the engineer called Bob Friedman and Tony Scholl (ex-Murder in the Red Barn, now playing with Violent Femmes and the member of Pele), but the work was not finished, so they kept recording for themselves after going back to Tokyo, finally it was all finished at the end of June.
They started to play again from the beginning of 2004. They played shows again and again in Tokyo, they shared the stage with Hella(from Sacramento, USA), Melt Banana, Damo Suzuki's Network, Nisennenmondai, Function(from Australia), etc. The full-length CD/Double LP called 'He's crying "Look"' was released from Beta-lactam Ring Records in March. In 2006, they released their second full length on the label. GMFTPO has since visited the USA seven or eight times and played with the likes of Lightning Bolt, Earthless, Kinski, Deerhoof, Country Teasers, and more.
This Fall, Green Milk will be touring to CMJ and back, to play the Panache /Blueghost/ Lovepump showcase at the Knitting Factory on Nov 1st with bands like The Slits, Aids Wolf, Genghis Tron and more.



"Loop" 7", 2005
"City Calls Revolution" CD, 2005
"A Day In the Planet Orange" Demo, 2004 (out of print)
"He's crying 'look' " CD/DLP, 2004
"Birth of the Neo Trip" CDR, 2002 (out of print)
"The shape of rock to come" CDR, 2002 (out pf print)