Green Mountain Rebels

Green Mountain Rebels


The Green Mountain Rebels are a gritty, raw, and real rock'n'roll band. With songs packed full of original and intelligent yet unpretentious lyrics, the Green Mountain Rebels play with soul, spirit, and sweat. Think Bruce Springsteen in his early days- poor, determined, and willful.


Winner of the Miller Genuine Draft 2005 Battle of the Bands

"The Green Mountain Rebels sound like Bob Dylan on steroids!" as described by a first time audience member when GMR played with Trampled by Turtles in St. Cloud, MN.

Drawing from a wide variety of musical landscapes the Green Mountain Rebels are striving to create a new sound and energy to the current music scene. Formed in the summer of 2004 the Green Mountain Rebels burst on to the Midwest scene by winning the 2005 Miller Genuine Draft Battle of the Bands and getting the opportunity to play on the Harley Davidson stage at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. Since then the band has been gaining fans from the Twin Cities to Milwaukee and everywhere in between. With a high energy stage performance and a toe tapping beat, the Rebels have left many a stage with the audience calling for more. The band has also been fortunate to play with such diverse acts as Charlie Parr, God Johnson, and Trampled by Turtles, and can fit in and win over any fan no matter what their musical preference. Fresh from the studio and about to release their first full length studio album the band is looking to continue their climb up the rock n roll ladder with the same sweat, spirit, and determination that has gotten them to where they are today.

Influences include: The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Wilco, The Beatles, Neil Young, Tina Turner, Lucinda Williams, Howling Wolf, Janis Joplin, Muddy Waters, Waylon Jennings, Gram Parsons and CCR.


Sweet Salvation

Written By: Green Mountain Rebels

Sweet Salvation

AM Radio
Playing on my porch step
Me, I got the rocken chair blues
It’s a lonesome old country song
that fades in
and I’ll harmonize till
the moon shines through

Cause if it don’t matter in the morning
Then it don’t matter when its gone

And I got a sweet sweet salvation
to know that I aint no lost child
I got a sweet sweet salvation
to know I ain’t your idea

Now the sun
is a setting low
and I hear the thunder rolling in
They say rain will change your
but I’ll keep my brim
pointed low
Cause if it don’t matter in the morning....
And I got a sweet sweet salvation....
(repeat four times)

Sweetheart Dance

Written By: Green Mountain Rebels

Sweetheart Dance

Got me a pretty woman
Slide around tenderly
Gives me my meat in the morning
But leaves ice cubes on my seat

Got me a strong man
He stands six foot two
He is the other side of the quarter though
He never tells me what to do

And I’ll never understand
That Sweetheart Dance,

Now loving you, it ain’t an easy road
Your rude to my sisters in your worn out coat
Now a good man, he would take me out
Show me what being a woman is all about

Now please baby, baby please
You ain’t got to treat me like a servant on his knees
I have loved some woman, but I loved you right
But woman how am I supposed to love you
When your never home at night

And I’ll never understand that Sweetheart Dance

Now listen Baby I will tell you what you need
No you listen boy, I ain’t your broken cup of tea
But I stand tall
But your shoes is so small
Baby I am your man, Don’t you see
Yes sugar and that’s why you will never lays your hands on me

If It Don't Shine

Written By: Green Mountain Rebels

Dirty T-Shirts laying on the floor
Got my mind but little more
Fifty Three Hundred miles
Eight long days
Just keep it straight son and you'll be on your way

And if it don't shine
It ain't for me
If it don't shine
It ain't for me

The sun is rising up over my wheel
Can't see nothing, blind but to the feel
Cause I meet me a woman late last night
Who went over all my wrongs and rights
But I figure any good woman gotta be half crazed

And if it don't shine
It ain't for me
If it don't shine
It ain't for me

Now them mountains sure are a beautiful sight
And once you get across them there ain't no one left
To say good night
So you turn up your radio
Adjust your mirror
And stick your arm out the door
Forget what should a been
And sing out once more

And if it don't shine
It ain't for me
If it don't shine
It ain't for me


Shotglass on the Dashboard, release in 2005, 4-song EP

Live at Summerfest, released in 2005, LP

If It Don't Shine, released in 2007, LP

"Sweetheart Dance"- Played on Sunday Night Blues show on 92.1 in Eau Claire and on college radio station 96.3 in Eau Claire.

Set List

We do mostly originals (We have about 45 of them) and mix in a few covers along the way from bands like the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Violent Femmes, Ike and Tina Turner. A typical set list would look like this:

Free Them Blind

Stomp Your Feet

Ain’t No Sin

Just to Get Myself to You

Sweet Salvation

Shot Glass on the Dashboard

Death on the Water

Marching Band

Settling Down

Blackjack Maniacs

American Music (Violent Femmes)

Country Blood

Leave One For the Bar

Little Town in Mexico

Broken Man Blues Song

Sunlight Sally

Cocaine Blues (Johnny Cash)

12th and Vine

Walk With Me


Yer Blues (The Beatles)

Rock n Roll Son

Cover Me

Nutbush City Limits (Ike and Tina Turner)

Sweet Heart Dance

Dirty T-Shirts

Walking Stick

Down and Dirty Blues

Brahm y Stomp (Led Zeppelin)