Green Paper

Green Paper

 New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Green Paper is a four-piece group connected by quarter-inch cables and a love for catchy melodies. We have been compared to My Bloody Valentine on a hot date with the Partidge Family. We like guitars that sound like radios, sparkly vocal harmonies, and lush, home-grown sound textures.


We are four gung-ho and exceptionally strange musicians from planet New Jersey. The neighbors would file noise complaints on us every Wednesday and Thursday if we didn’t rake their leaves and shovel their snow to subsidize our first record. We have three-and-a-half college degrees (still raking leaves), weigh a collective five hundred pounds, and have our hearts and ears set on making music for anyone who will listen.

We are a shoegaze-y, psychedelic rock band with a love for catchy melodies. We dig guitars that sound like radios, sparkly vocal harmonies, and lush, home-grown sound textures. Through our music we try to encapsulate the sonic imprint of each Chinese Toaist element: Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth. We released our first full-length album, Fire, in Feb 2011. Since then, we have released three songs of our upcoming full-length, Water.

Our names are (alphabetically) Tomm Hart, Jeff Lane, Michael Mendonez, and Natalie Newbold.

We’re Green Paper and we’re after all your hearts.



Written By: Green Paper

Dull rain in late July
We tried our best to stay inside
But the cold wet fingers on your bones so dry
Convinced you not to run or hide

And the days got shorter and the seasons changed
I’m in stranger places learning strangers’ names
But the strangest feeling is the guilty pain
When I’m afraid I’ve forgotten your face

So we drive on the highways
With both of our eyes closed
And keep all the lights on
While our lovers disrobe
Because we love to be scared
By the things that we don’t know
And not the ones you love

Darling I
Never wanted to have to
Say goodbye
To your voice your scent those
Irish eyes
But there was never enough time

So we find ourselves as tall as clouds
When rain itself is plagued with doubt
To start or stop or end the drought
And put the fire out

Like that autumn afternoon in an empty house
When you first kissed me on the mouth
You said that we had figured out
The secret of electric love

Cuz it flows from your fingers
like songs from the radio
In silent transmissions
Delivered in stereo
To a metal receiver
That sleeps deep in my bones
And screams for you today

Darling why
Did I ever have to
Say goodbye
To your singing voice and those
Irish eyes
Now I’m not sure if I’m alive

You say leave I say ok

She’s three sheets to the wind
But I think that she means it
Her words might be slurred
But her voice is so clean
It’s like rain in your bones
Like a home you could live in
Says “honey I don’t wanna leave alone”

Like a dream
Now she’s calling me to bed again
Sounds so sweet
And I’m not sure how this is gonna end
Sound asleep
But I’m quite content that it’s happening
Next to me

Stream Dream

Written By: Green Paper

ankles just like apple cores
tell my time's a marrow bore
sleep alone during the day
our dreams can carry us away

white wakefulness can clock us in
while dizzy dripping streams will spin

glass on, stumble sickly down the streets
like trickle rain, hold back the repeats

white wakefulness will wash us in
while dizzy drippin dreams will end
like hopes you'd know my head's absurd
i'll probably never say a word

you've heard

Gold Stars

Written By: Green Paper

dusty piano plays a tune
notes like skipping stones
i'll change the rules
for you

like a fish and a light bulb tied to a string
the suns in the ocean trying to swim
you'll be the waters
you wade through

i'll always be thirteen years old


Rain Single (Released 12 May 2012)-

Water Single (Released 1 August 2011 ) -

Fire - Full Length Debut Album - (Released 12 February 2011 ) -

Bookends Single (Released 3 March 2010 ) -