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Minsk, Minskaya Voblastsʼ, Belarus

Minsk, Minskaya Voblastsʼ, Belarus
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"10.12.2010 The Toobes & Green Pepper @ Reactor Club - 36 photos"

Have you ever been at a party of English rock? Stylish musicians, hot dance rock and roll, the British flag on t-shirts, rings, handbags. Personally, I was at a party for the first time, and although I did not jump for joy, but positive emotions can be folded into a solid trunk, leaving no empty space.

Described as my concert was held on December 10 in Reactor club and was soon half-English, because at the concert were two groups, The Toobes and Green Pepper, and the style of the second group can hardly be described as a type of traditional British rock. And yet, I must say, the evening of that did not lose, even if not won, but first things first.

In all advertising texts organizers have promised that this winter will be a grand evening, and I myself, although not going over in his mind such epithets expected that the concert will be bright and original, they will still act as musicians, who noted the notorious band Franz Ferdinand (scottish indie-rock band). Yet the concert was a gray blur of frustration on the white wall impressions, albeit not related to music. Whether fans of indie rock fell into a protracted financial crisis, or simply did not want to come, but visitors to the club was much smaller than I expected and, according to friends, what usually happens at concerts The Toobes.

"But suddenly came the sound of drums ...", as sung in one song 5Diez, and The Toobes finally came out on stage, apologizing for the delay in concert. Musicians began his speech, filling paint music hall. Yes, I confess, a game of this quality do not often hear in the Belarusian club, but because she could not attract my attention.

And one important component of the concert less expressed for me the group's performance - the light, or rather lack of it. And this contributed to the musicians themselves. It's only going to the club, I noticed an additional covering installation, as it turned out later, specially commissioned for the concert and during the inspection light has had time to assess the level of coverage that took place on the scale of new products up on a couple of divisions. But musicians from The Toobes persistently asked to make a light as dark as possible, that is definitely cooled the atmosphere in the hall. And music and dancing meanwhile continued with a break for the video presentation.

Clip The Toobes, of course, impossible not to note. The video was called "30000 kilometers», and by looking at it, I found out for themselves that the musicians certainly did not die of modesty, and, of course, that the idea of the clip, in general, very interesting, and he shot was definitely high quality .

Not expecting anything from the band's supernova, the rest of time I watched it for the musicians, then in public. The dancers gradually somewhere evaporated, and the flame of joy in the room went out. Soon the group on the scene changed, act out a group of Green Pepper.

While musicians tune up, I occasionally heard talk about leaving is that they come exclusively on The Toobes. Subsequently, I have them all safely say that absolutely nothing they left. They say that when a group of keys are present, it somehow isolated, but in yesterday's case, the group can be distinguished not only for their presence. Music groups, including the game on the keys, it would be difficult to distinguish the quality of the entries are well-known groups. This was not an indie-rock and melodic rock ballads, interspersed from time to time with the compositions in the style of alt-rock. Neither I nor the rest of the audience did not want to go for the bar, walk around the club, chatting with friends, I wanted to listen to the track for the song.

That's the final part of the concert brightened or even colored my impressions of the concert, then I do not hesitate to say that the concert was released, if still no big deal, then certainly very memorable. - Alexanra Sallivan (

"Pondering Rock's Future: Tarakany, Kirpichi, Green Pepper, and Uncle Boo (October 14, 2010)"

The band in question - shown above - is Green Pepper, formed in 2009. Although currently unsigned, they've just released a debut album, "Get On the Right Road." Singing in English, they take their lead from Led Zeppelin, Muse, Kings Of Leon, 30 Seconds To Mars, and The Beatles. Their benchmarks are grand - and devoid of local lament.

The group's moniker in Russian would be "Zelenyi Perets" - a play upon the vocalist's surname (Daniel) Pertsev. He is joined by Sasha Martyniuk (guitar), Aleksei Karagachev (bass), and Aleks Petrov (drums). Together they, like Skliar, are unwilling to align their music with local social or political issues. Inspired, instead, by various "stairways to heaven," they prefer PR material that's both dramatic and abstract: "We're too young to write any memoirs. Our history will be written by those who are with us now - travelling a thorny path to our musical Mt. Olympus."

Somewhere on a distant horizon, a star shines brightly. Especially if you stuck it there in the first place.

In this kind of rhetoric, the present day - with all its failings - is ignored in favor of a distant, even mythical goal. Sociopolitical worries are totally absent. - David MacFadyen


Thinkin' Of You - Single (2010)
Get On The Right Road - LP (2010)

Tracks on radios, Jango airplay:
Brokenhearted, La Vita, Freedom, With You, The Last Way To Home



The band was formed in Minsk in 2010 by Daniel Pertsev, it’s leader. Later Alexander Martinyuk, Alex Petrov and Alexei Kargachev also joined it. The attempts to create a band were made by Daniel earlier in 2008 but the final decision was made in 2010. The musicians grew up listening to such rock legends as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Deep Purple and that shaped their musical tastes and became the basis of what they represent now.

The group was called Green Pepper because of the leader’s last name – Pertsev, and the adjective green was added to make the band name more spicy as the guys say. In spite of the short period of existence they have achieved many goals: they have performed at various concerts and festivals, represented their country at ‘RockWave’ festival which was held in the Crimea, they shared the stage with such bands as SLOT, Jane Air and Tractor Bowling. But the most prominent was the release of their first album «Get On The Right Road» in 2010 on which they had been working for 5 months.

‘We devoted so much to the creation of this album. Basically we’ve put some parts of ourselves into it. The album is filled with deep thought, each song is supposed to give something to our listeners,’ – says the band leader Daniel. ‘This release is pretty complex and I think that everyone can find something important in it.’

Recently more and more people have said that the style of their music is ‘brit rock’, and the guys accept this as true. They say that Muse, Kings Of Leon and 30 Seconds To Mars guide them on their way.

Over the past year they have proved that they’re worth the public’s attention. The critics and colleagues speak highly of this young band. They know Green Pepper, they listen to their music and predict that they will have a great future. They set hopes on the band, but admit that they will probably be more successful abroad and not on the post-CIS territory, where their music is accepted with a bit of reluctance.