Green Phoenix

Green Phoenix


Great songs, melodies and sweet vocals. Young or old you'll love Green Phoenix music. With catchy songs, Green Phoenix is two sisters who have music and performing in their blood. Indyanna plays the guitar with amazing rhythm and Claire Louise sings beautifully. These sisters sound great live!


Green Phoenix = Claire Louise on lead vocals + Indyanna Sydney on rhythm guitar/vocals.
Green Phoenix music is influenced by artists such as Johnny Cash and Elvis, to Radiohead and Lenny Kravitz the Green Phoenix sound has a distinct Americana sound. Add this to their own individual attributes: Claire’s unique, often shivering vocal, Indyanna’s flair for strumming which makes the guitar hum & sound like it’s singing.
Snip it up, jumble it around + paste it together + this all mixed up makes for a very interesting + harmonious sound, sitting somewhere between rock & pop + in varying degrees, all the shades in between.
This is Green Phoenix

Set List

Summer Rain
The Man
Never Wanted Anything More
Save Me
Times Are Changing
You For Me
My Alibi