Green Skeem

Green Skeem

 East Lansing, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopEDM

We love music so you might notice that our style of music varies greatly. We use crazy wordplay and people can relate to us in almost everything we say. We've never tried to be something we are not, we just make the music we think people can relate to and will enjoy. Gender and race don't matter.


We are The Green Skeem, hip hop/electronic artists from East Lansing, MI. Daggler is a 21 year old student/artist, and Q is a 20 year old student/artist. Something that sets us apart from other artists is our work ethic, we truly believe we work harder than anyone else in the industry. We promote our shows hard and we keep a good fan base, we are of course always trying to expand. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and also our live performances. We LIVE for live performances! We have a myspace, twitter, facebook, and also have a youtube segment were we post videos so our fans can see what we are doing, instead of just hear us. In addition to all of these we are on numerous music sites trying to get all the extra exposure we can. We listen to all kinds of music and believe everyone has their own style, no one is alike and that is why music is timeless. We make the kind of music we feel at that point in our life, we don't restrict ourselves to one certain style. LIFE is our influence, and there is a reason behind us being so enthusiastic about our lives. We work hard, and we take pride in that more than anything. Check out our new EP titled "Michigan Lefts" right here,


"Michigan Lefts EP" album produced by Daggler
2.) Monday
3.) Blow
4.) Used To Be The Future
5.) Stayin In First
6.) Far Left Lane
7.) Star of the Show
8.) Im Ridiculous
9.) Hendrix
10.) Every Damn Day
11.) Outro

Set List

We do all original tracks, our set list can extend to any amount of time.