Greensky Bluegrass

Greensky Bluegrass


Winners of the world famous 2006 Telluride Bluegrass Band Competition, Greensky Bluegrass is a high energy fusion of tradition and enthusiasm for improvisation. Their new album "Tuesday Letter", produced by Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) is available now!


Winners of the 2006 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition, Michigan’s own Greensky Bluegrass is earning recognition nationwide as a growing force in acoustic roots music. Performing at festivals, theaters, clubs and listening rooms all over the US, their rare traditional sound is piquing the interests of not only bluegrass enthusiasts, but lovers of music of all genres. It is their unique “fusion of tradition and enthusiasm for improvisation” that has come to define the band’s creative and tangible compositional style.

Formed in the fall of 2000 by Michael Arlen Bont (banjo), Dave Bruzza (guitar), and Paul Hoffman (mandolin), Greensky has undergone a musical evolution as unique as the music it has produced. As newcomers to the bluegrass scene, the three sought to define themselves within the framework of their bluegrass favorites while establishing a voice of their own, drawing upon an array of influences and varied musical backgrounds. This voice first became evident in their May 2004 release of Less than Supper, recorded with bassist Chris Carr and dobro player Al Bates. In the fall of the same year, Greensky Bluegrass welcomed bassist Michael Devol, and in the summer of 2006 released their second studio album, Tuesday Letter. This album, produced by Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth, has proven a milestone in the quartet’s growth as musicians and increasing exposure to a thriving national community.

"...every great album starts with great songs and this record is no exception. Songs of hope, truth, loss, and love of family and friends are all here. Songs that will make you laugh, dance and think. And songs of grace." -Tim Carbone

Live performance is central to Greensky Bluegrass’ presence in today’s eclectic acoustic scene. Touring extensively since 2005, Greensky has developed great versatility in the performance arena, earning audiences nationwide, from all walks of life. The mixing of original compositions with traditional bluegrass numbers gives the band a broad spectrum in which to display their driving technical chops, vocal abilities, and lyrical insight. A spirit of improvisation remains evident in live shows, which contributes to an ever-growing population of returning fans and avid show traders. On-stage collaborations have paired the boys with Railroad Earth, Larry Keel and Natural Bridge, and Steppin’ in It. The band has also shared bills with influential acts including Ralph Stanley, Peter Rowan and Tony Rice Quartet, Yonder Mountain String Band, Sam Bush Band, New Monsoon, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Keller Williams, Hot Buttered Rum, Vince Herman, The Mammals, The Hackensaw Boys, The Avett Brothers, Darrell Scott, King Wilkie, David Grisman Quintet and more.

The band recorded material for their first live album on June 1 and August 2 of this year at their home venue of Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan and anticipate its release during the late fall. Listeners can look forward to a live experience that Larry Keel has referred to as “a true hoedown… Kalamazoo style”.


Tuesday Letter

Written By: Paul Hoffman

To see the world in a grain of sand
To find god in a wildflower
Hold forever in the palm of your hands
And eternity inside of an hour

And I read it all in a tueday letter
from ten years ago

I forget all that i kept to save from loosing
And i remember all i loved but lost
Never meant to leave myself guessing
Why i took the moment at no cost

And i read it all in a tuesday letter
from ten years ago

Nothings over and i know you're bound to change
I hope the change is for the better
My drunken gentle way is always strange
Maybe your piece of me makes you stronger

Broken Highways

Written By: Dave Bruzza

My records are scratched, my tapes are unwound
Trying to finding a song to ease my mind
Boxes and pictures,scattered on the floor
With a tear in my eye i could go though them all

Trying to find just who you were
The women who saved me
The one that made me
The one who left me here on my own

Now the sun is up, the sky is green
Wishing my life could be just a dream
Something as sweet, as walking with you
Or a banjo singing one of hartfords tunes

Like skipping in the Mississippi dew
The julia bell swing
The natcheze whistle
Something i can not put my finger on

Traveling down lifes broken highways
Carrrying a load and bound to run

My records are scratched, my tapes are unwound

Tied Down

Written By: Paul Hoffman

I just long to be somewhere, where the rivers are rushing faster
Keep moving towards a place with mounitians that stretch high
My legs are strong to take me out runnin
Through the fields that are never brown
I don't want to dig my car out of the snow, everyday for six months out of the year

I'm tied down to Michigan, there ain't no home like this one
I'm leaving Michigan, with my heart on my sleeve for the world to steal

I'm going find myself, missing the lakes and beaches where i was a boy
Some people will be left, wishing i had stayed
There ain't no cure for this feeling like moving our lives around
I want to be somewhere that people appreciate these kinds of songs

I'm tied down to Michigan, there ain't no home like this one
I'm leaving Michigan, with my heart on my sleeve for the world to steal

Been settling down in this town where we all came together
My wife and my friends, we became a family here
I won't ever betray my memories tasting other seas and landscapes
These trees are fruit and these dreams are free

I'm tied down to Michigan, there ain't no home like this one
I'm leaving Michigan, with my heart on my sleeve for the world to steal


Less Than Supper- (2004)- In rotation at several radio stations in MI, MD,KY,WV, and NC.
GSBG has been a featured artist on, and many more online outlets. Also streaming at

GSBG's 2nd album, "Tuesday Letter", produced by Tim Carbone, the violinist from Railroad Earth, is available through the bands website, CDbaby, and iTunes Music Store.

Check out for free live downloads/streaming audio of GSBG.

Set List

GSBG is able to perform two long sets (1h15m) or three shorter sets (50m)

The material is a mix of original compositions, traditional bluegrass, old-time standards, and random pop or reggae classics.

GSBG arranges old fiddle tunes to accommodate their jam based style and pays homage to bluegrass greats like Bill Monroe and Ralph Stanley by playing some of the old songs straight.

When choosing songs to cover, GSBG keeps the arrangements interesting and chooses songs by Bob Marley, Prince, Bruce Hornsby, or other non acoustic musicians. The presentation offers an insight into the ear of a bluegrass musician who appreciates so much more.

For an example visit for an updated archive of setlists.