Greenstick Fracture

Greenstick Fracture


Our sound is a powerful blend of pop-punk served with a tale glass of awesomness...makes your head bob and hips a shakin!!


We are simply a pop band comin straight out of Dayton, Oh...If your lookin for a good show, come show with us.." Greenstick Fracture"
Our influences include; Bowling for soup,Third eye Blind, Red Hot Chilli Peppers,and all the other great pop/rock/punk bands there are! Alls We know is.....We're Greenstick Fracture, and thats all you need to know!!


Nope, none of this yet!! We are still a young band and haven't even been together a year yet!!

Set List

Our set list usually goes like this:
Darviset, I'll find you, and she said, to hell with monday, straight to my head, end this way, thanks to you, the sad song, one chorus.. Our covers usually consist of Bowling for soup, third eye blind, johnny cash....