Greenstone bridges the gap between 70's rock and roll and 90's alternative rock in a energetic and melodic combination of vintage sounds and sensibilities with modern audiences.


We play primarily original music that draws from a range of influences such as classic rock, 90's alternative, pop music, and more. The band consists of brothers Sam and Charlie Evans on bass and lead guitar respectively, Dan Massey on drums, Jake Egli on keyboards and other instruments, and Patrick Biancardi on vocals. The biggest influences on all of us musically has been that of classic rock and roll records by the likes of The Beatles, where we draw our love of harmony vocals and pop melody, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin for their huge guitar and bass sounds, The Who for their brilliant songwriting, and use of synthesizers, and Rush for their more progressive leanings. In addition to this, we take huge inspiration from the early 90’s alternative movement with its mixture of 70’s sensibilities with a modern DIY method, in addition to the fierce energy that many of the bands of that era brought to the stage live.
Greenstone has played at a few venues including The Modern Post, Northwoods, Another Hole in the Wall, The Water Bowl, Swing State, and Zest Fest. The band grew to new heights as they played a show at the historic Congress Theater in Chicago. In addition we have won or placed highly in a number of competitions including the Lake Central Battle of the Bands where we scored 2nd place, the Lake Central Talent Show where we took Grand Prize, Zest Fest where we took Grand Prize, and the Beach House Music Battle of the Bands where we took also took Grand Prize. In addition, Charlie took the “Guitar Hero” prize of Beach House Music’s Battle of the Bands. Charlie and Sam both have large amounts of gigging experience from their previous band, Tainted Fish, and Dan also has gigging experience from his previous group, Acidic Assault. If you need to contact us, our email address is the best way to contact us.


Greenstone EP

Set List

Angels and Wings
My Shoes
Werewolf Teacher
Sons and Daughters
Miles Away