Influenced by Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, BB King, and Dave Weckl, Greenstreet produces a sound that has been compared to a combination of the Black Crowes and Maroon 5. While touring nationally, Greenstreet has developed a strong fan base from coast to coast.


Hailing from the Detroit suburb of Troy, Michigan, Greenstreet has developed from childhood friendships and elementary school classmates into one of Detroit’s most followed up-and-coming bands. Though the young and charismatic group has seen its share of line-up changes, members Matt Kysia (vocals, rhythm guitar), Mike Vendittelli (lead guitar, vocals), Scott Poloney (drums/percussion), and Matt Vendittelli (bass, vocals) truly share the tightly-knit camaraderie that has solidified their footing as the core of the band. The foursome has been together for just under 2 years and has been touring all over the country, from New York to Los Angeles.

When it comes to musical influences, Greenstreet's are as eclectic as they come, citing Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Michael Jackson or Dave Weckl, to name a few. By blending rock, blues and the R&B sound that Motown was once known for, Greenstreet produces a unique sound all their own. Listeners have commonly referred to it as a mix between the Black Crows and Maroon 5.

In March of 2005, Greenstreet put the finishing touches on their new EP, Let’s Talk About Some Music, which was recorded in Royal Oak, Michigan under the direction of Producer Marlon Young and Engineer Al Sutton (Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow). In addition to the expertise of Young and Sutton, legendary Detroit pianist Peter Keys (George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic) also appears on the EP, accentuating the groove and allowing the true soul of Greenstreet to be heard on the record.

'Let’s Talk About Some Music' features 5 selections, including fan favorites such as 'What Do You Want From Me,' 'Crushed Eyeliner,' 'Slow It Down (There's So Much More).' Greenstreet classic 'On the Weekend' is also featured, and with a little help from producer Marlon Young, has developed from its original acoustic pop roots into a powerful, guitar-driven rock song.

Greenstreet has performed from coast-to-coast and shared the stage with many national acts, including O.A.R., Virginia Coalition, Ari Hest, Run DMC and Uncle Kracker. The group, which prides themselves on their loyal grassroots following, has been focusing their efforts primarily on the college market in and around the Midwest, and has received heavy airplay on college radio stations across the country, as well as the internet.

In addition, Greenstreet has also been selected as featured artists on Fresh Tracks Music, the premier new music hub based out of Chicago, IL. The band was featured in a previous issue of FreeSkier magazine, and was a part of their Winter 2005 compilation mix, which is sponsored by As a result, Greenstreet been working with and Fresh Tracks to promote and perform showcases at eFollett bookstores on college campuses across America during the school year.

Most recently, Greenstreet has been added to Decent Xposure, a website featuring many of today’s most talented artists. Upon introduction to the Decent Xposure community, Greenstreet’s ringtones and downloads were among the Top 10 within the first week. And one thing is for certain: the band will continue to keep them coming back for more.


Can't Be Right

Written By: Greenstreet

I'm sorry but I've been a little bit crazy
You complain that you don't get to see me
For so many reasons like working day and night
I'm so tired of trying to do you right

One day and I'm gone
I'm better off on my own
You claim you can't be alone
So find someone else

There's something missing
Can't be right
All we do is scream and fight
I want more, I want more
This flame is burning much too fast
How we gonna make it last?
I don't know...
I'm sorry I didn't answer your phone call
Your worries seem to be so small
I'm so tired of trying to keep you coming 'round
When all you do is bring me down

It feels like you're holding me down
I call to you, but you don't come around
So I'm leaving you
I'm walking out that door
I'm breaking that chains that hold me down
cause I found...

On The Floor

Written By: Greenstreet

Hear the rhythm back you up
While the moment sets its feet
Feel the skin that sets you off
See it glisten in the heat
Something here's just not innocent
You try to sense the mood
But nothing comes to mind
You want to search her lips
Don't know what you'll find
She knows what she's doing to me
So, now you're all alone
There's no on there to stop you
So take control
She has you on the floor
She's in control
She has you on the floor
She's standing in the corner
And all alone
With a glance right through you
Like she wants to take you home
Her eyes are as desperate as the night
With her skin so soft
And her blonde hair, her blue eyes
Right there by your side
She's feelin', feelin' so good to you
So, let the rhythm take over
She fine, so fine
So real
She has you on the floor
She's in control
She has you on the floor
And she won't let you go
She has you wanting more
She's in control
She has you on the floor
So get a little bit closer (x8)
There's no feeling you ignore
As you're dancing on the floor
What feels good must be right
Lose yourself tonight
She has you on the floor
She's in control
She has you on the floor
And she won't let you go
She has you wanting more
She has you on the floor wanting more
She has you on the floor
And she won't let you go

Slow It Down (There's So Much More)

Written By: Greenstreet

Complicate the silence
When there’s not a sound
And no one around
You couldn’t have come at a better time
I’m so alone, sitting by the phone
It’s misery, cause you’re all in my head

Slow it down, there’s something better
Knockin’ at your door
You’re running around
Around in circles
Taking time and so much more
Whatever you do you’re an angel

All alone on a cold night
I’m just sitting here
Wishing I had you near
Everything you do feels so right
But I’m all alone, waiting for you to come home
It’s misery, cause your all in my head


What Do You Want From Me

Written By: Greenstreet

I thought I'd seen it all until you called
That first time, baby
And never would I think that I'd fall
Into the trap you laid me
I lean in, you pull back
Oh no, she's hard to handle
You give her an inch and she'll take them all

When I walked you to the door
You thought I wanted more
But you went right in before
I took you to the floor
Why don't you tell me?

What do you want from me?
What is your game with me?
Take anything you want from me
But I woke up last night thinking that ain't right
And it makes me so crazy

Oh, so the story goes I'm on the phone
She's askin' why I haven't been coming around
She' so alone
Why should I make the trip so she can give me the slip
Telling me, her daddy's coming home

When I walked you to the door
You thought I wanted more
But you went right in before
I took you to the floor
Why don't you tell me?


Something's missing, but no one took it away
All the chances you've been given
But still have nothing to say



'On the Floor' (Promotional Demo) - 2006
'Can't Be Right' (Promotional Demo) - 2006
'Wake Up' (Promotional Demo) - 2006
'Don't Stop Until the Dawn' (Promotional Demo) - 2006
Let's Talk About Some Music (EP) - 2005

Set List

On the Floor
Can't Be Right
Perfect Drug
Wake Up
What Do You Want From Me
Don't Stop Until the Dawn
On the Weekend (Acoustic Version)
Slow It Down (Acoustic Version)
Soul Music
Don't Take My Sunshine

When headlining, the band usually has one set of about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The band has covered:
"Drown in My Own Tears" by Ray Charles
"Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson
"Hoochie Coochie Man" by Willie Dixon
"Voodoo Chile" by Jimi Hendrix