Green Street Majority

Green Street Majority


Green Street Majority plays groove driven, guitar drenched, rock and roll. Incorporating their thoughtful original compositions as well as respectful yet unique arrangements of their favorite artists, Green Street Majority thrives on playing long shows and keeping the crowd entertained.


The Green Street Majority plays dynamic, groove driven, guitar drenched, rock and roll. While they play many original tunes, they also love to create their own renditions of songs by their favorite musicians.

Then Green Street Majority formed in 1997 while Dee, Graham, Ansel, and Matt were attending the University of Wyoming in Laramie. When they landed a weekly, Sunday night gig at a local brewery and a spot in a festival at the university they decided that they needed a name. Over a pint of beer, on the first night they declared it would be Sweetwater.

For three years they performed in and around Laramie. Realizing that there were far too many bands in the world called Sweetwater, and in possession of a brand new E.P. they had just finished recording, they changed their name to the Green Street Majority at the stroke of midnight January 1, 2000.

Since then the band has extended it's range considerably. By the summer of 2002 they were touring Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, and Idaho. Looking for a new scene, the band packed their van, hit the road and moved to Athens, Georgia in September 2002.

The Green Street Majority settled into their niche in Georgia with a weekly gig at a local club while continuing to tour around the South and the Rocky Mountains. They are entertainment of choice for Hang Gliding competitions in Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. After a successful stint in Georgia the band decided the Rocky Mountains were home and have since moved back to the Front Range.

Green Street Majority continues to play around the region. Green Street has been part of the "Taste Of Colorado", "Jubilee Days", "Live in Minturn" as well as being part of 99.5 the Mountains "Mountain Homegrown" IV Zepplin comp. Recently they released a new album titled "Arbitrary Tunes".


Sweetwater- march 2000-ep
self titled- december 2003-lp
arbitrary tunes-january2008-lp

Set List

We play mainly original music. We do mix in some covers from such artists as Bob Dylan, Allman Brothers, Beatles, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Paul Simon, Sublime, The Band, Neil Young, Led Zepplin, Dr. John to name a few. We tend to play 70-80 % original, sometimes more or less depending on venue.