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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Green Tea Music for the SOul"

Green Tea's album, Have A Cup of Green Tea Dosage I:Shades of Green fuses everything about music from the soul...Musical medicne for the soul." - Mic Life Magazine

"Green Tea Singer/Songwriter"

As a performing artist,
Scott becomes the artist known as
Green Tea, creating songs that speak of
life lessons and possibilities – seeking
to influence her surrounding community
to live in positivity and peace. Her
mission is to embody the symbolism of
her stage name.
“Green symbolizes power, longevity
and palm trees – through winds and
storms they still stand strong. ‘T’ is the
first letter in my name, and ‘tea’ is a
healing agent.”Stepping outside of today’s video
vixen image of the female artist singing
sexually explicit lyrics, Green Tea
exudes a calmer and more natural vibe
that still attracts the attention of male
fans. “She’s beautiful, and she can sing,”
says local singer D. Marq. “Sometimes
the two don’t appear together.”
With caramel colored skin and
sparkling eyes, Green Tea is content to
stay true to herself. “I choose to be happy
– waking up in the morning and being
ok. My purpose is to uplift the people.
- East of the River Newspaper

"A Chance for Female Artists to Storm the Stage"

Tekeah "Green Tea" Scott, 25, performs at the Red and the Black, a bar in Northeast Washington, on the second night of a four-day music festival featuring women.

At the four-day event, which ended Sunday, more than 20 independent female artists performed in venues throughout the District for audiences eager for something beyond what mainstream radio and video outlets have. - Washington Post


Hip-Hop Revisited
Have A Cup of Green Tea Dosage I: Shades of Green (Receiving Air Play)
Shades Of Green CD Sampler



Many people hear the sultry, soul- filled voice of Green Tea, and seem to be an overwhelmed by her positive and heartfelt messages in her songs whether, the piece is original or another’s artist’s work. There are constant inquiries of when she is going to release an album or the time and place of her next performance, which often times catches Green Tea, by surprise. Her humble nature, carefree personality, and sultry sounds make her comfortable with her audience on and off the stage.

At a very young age, Green Tea began singing in the church. As she matured, her love of music extended far beyond gospel. Influenced by the culture and community of DC, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, opera, classical, and rock & roll were added to her repertoire. Green Tea’s love for music has continued to expand and develop throughout the years. Not only is she an avid listener of music, but she is a poetic speaker through music. She speaks of experiences learned through life, which makes it VERY easy for audiences to relate to her musically. Green Tea’s music focuses on the soul of the individual: the mind, will, and emotions, while her delivery sets the tone for growth, power, and love.

Green Tea’s debut album, Have a Cup of Green Tea Dosage I: Shades of Green, illustrates the power of music. Depicted as the soundtrack for everyday life, Green Tea pours in her heart and soul and captures the hearts of the people. Green Tea continues to hone her craft to perpetuate the notion that music has the power to break an impoverished mindset.

So, no matter the time or day, good or bad - pause, and have a cup of Green Tea.

After all, its good for the soul.